16 Years Later, Players Still Can’t Figure Out This Futurama Easter Egg

16 Years Later, Players Still Can’t Figure Out This Futurama Easter Egg

When talking about Easter egg in video games most people focus on the ones that have already been found. Hidden levels, weapons, text or cutscenes. Stuff like that. But there are some Easter eggs that we know exist but have yet to be found or activated.

YouTuber and Easter egg hunter, Oddheader, has a new video covering some of the more famous and sought after Easter eggs that have still yet to be found or fully figured out.

Sometimes we know they exist because a developer hinted about the yet-to-be-found secret. This is the case with a hidden Easter egg in Fallout 4. During an interview, Todd Howard mentioned a yet to be found secret involving a terminal in the game. Players have been looking for the secret since that tease. Their searching ended up finding a secret terminal, but there seems to be more to find still, assuming that players are on the right path. 

Other times players find something that seems to be part of a bigger secret, still hidden in the game. Like with Futurama on PS2. Players encountered a strange and giant actual Easter egg hidden behind a wall. But nobody knows how to reach the egg without cheating or using camera hacks.

After different players and modders have spent days digging into the game, its coding, scripting, and files, they aren’t much closer. They know the area near the Easter egg seems to trigger some parts of the game’s memory, but how to actually open the wall or reach the egg is still a mystery.

ImageYouTube” loading=”lazy” > Screenshot: Oddheader, YouTube

Players have found thousands of secrets and Easter eggs in video games but knowing about some that are still undocumented and hidden makes me wonder how many secrets are still lurking out there? If we know of this many that are still hidden, how many do we have no idea about and will those ever get found?

It makes me want to boot up a copy of a random ’90s game and start hitting every wall.

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