Cosplayer’s Giant Rifle Prompts Sheriff’s Warning

Cosplayer’s Giant Rifle Prompts Sheriff’s Warning
Image: <a href="">KRON 4</a>

A cosplayer taking some photos earlier today at Seacliff State Beach in Monterey Bay got a little more attention than she was expecting, when concerns from other beachgoers and a local news crew prompted a warning from the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office.

Speaking to KRON 4, the representative took the opportunity to remind cosplayers that walking around public places carrying enormous fake firearms maybe isn’t the best idea. Anyone who isn’t aware a huge rifle is just a cosplay prop might get concerned, and that might lead to a call to the police who likewise might not know it’s a prop, and then things have the potential to get very serious.

Nobody is saying you can’t cosplay with guns (aside from KRON’s silly “Leave your guns at home” headline), that’s probably taking things a little too far. The Sheriff’s Office is just saying… maybe be cool and respectful and smart about it, instead of just waving the thing around on a beach.

Image: KRON 4


  • What moron would think taking a realistic gun replica on a public beach is a good idea?


    At minimum, they should have warned the police beforehand that they would be doing this.

    Boggles the mind.

      • You never know. In their particular state they might have the right to carry firerams openly, fake or not. Whenever you hear about legislation threatening to ban / restrict guns you suddenly have people openly carrying their AK-47s and hunting rifles in public and to restaurants and bars.

        (I am NOT saying a good thing, just saying that you should be aware its a completely different culture, and different states have different laws)

        Personally, I think that the jab at KRON’s headline is unneeded and unwarranted.

      • Moron is an international epidemic.

        There was an Australian a few years ago dressed as Deadpool with prop swords and gun walking to a train station who cause a full police response.

  • As a Nerf gun modder/aficionado this makes me cringe. It sounds like such a little thing, but a bright orange barrel/muzzle indicating that it’s a toy makes all the difference. I just aquired a very large, scary-looking foam dart (not Nerf brand) sniper rifle recently that is translucent black and tan in colour and has no orange tip, so it’s not going to our local park til the bright orange suppressor I’ve ordered for it arrives! A lot of those gel blasters coming in from China lately are going to get a lot of folks in trouble soon for not displaying that orange barrel, I hope not tragically so.

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