Cosplayer Arrested For Bringing Fake Gun On Train

Cosplayer William "Billy" Morris was on his way to a movie premiere in NYC on Saturday when, planning to cosplay at the event, he hopped onto a train. He probably shouldn't have taken his fake rifle with him. Morris and the modified air rifle in question. Image: NY Post

Dressed as Suicide Squad's Col. Rick Flag, Morris had the very real-looking modified air rifle (pictured above) out and in the open when he got on the train, a move he immediately regretted.

As the New York Post reports, while Morris was initially greeted with comments from passengers saying he shouldn't have had the prop, to which he tried to explain he was cosplaying, when police boarded the train and saw what he was holding he was soon in a world of trouble.

"They pushed me to the ground," he recalls. "It was slightly terrifying because at that point I had no idea what was going on . . . Nothing like this ever happened to me . . . I didn't think it would get out of hand."

Morris was charged with possession of an air gun and "disorderly conduct for creating a disturbance".

For what it's worth, when he manages to get the costume on and not get arrested, he looks pretty good!

Photo by Jason Laboy


    Use a cello case, you idiot!

    God, amateurs...

    "I brought out what looked to be a powerful rifle in the middle of a packed train in a country that suffers from a gun problem with people seemingly dying every day to gun violence and wasn't expecting any comeuppance."

    Last edited 09/08/16 7:31 pm

      Not a problem in some parts of the country!

    That moustache is a bigger crime than the gun.

    He should have been arrested for that moustache instead.

    I was going to say he should of kept the little orange tip on it, but he did!

    On the upside he narrowly dodged a screening of Suicide Squad.

      Movie is actually pretty good. I enjoyed it more than any other DC flick I've seen in a long while (including the Dark Knight films)

    New York is one of the few US states that would have given a damn about it. Airsoft guns are treated like toys by most law enforcement agencies there.

      The issue isn't whether it's a toy or not, it's whether it looks like a real firearm. Taking what looks like an assault rifle onto a train is an incredibly stupid thing to do. He's lucky he didn't get shot.

    Doing that in NYC? What a moron. Certainly has his 15 minutes of fame.

    serves him right.
    Reminds me of the dead pool who got arrested at Blacktown for prop swords and grenades

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