Get To The Orange Door Is Basically 1980s Titanfall 2

Get To The Orange Door Is Basically 1980s Titanfall 2

When it comes to first person shooters, my preferred style is super fast and acrobatic. As much as I love throwbacks like Amid Evil, I’ve been wanting something that feels like Titanfall 2. Get To The Orange Door is an early access shooter with a 1980’s aesthetic and all the wall running, double jumping chaos I’ve been craving.

Get To The Orange Door has been in early access for Windows since the end of May, but it’s mostly flown under the radar. That’s a shame, because it has some of the best raw shooting I’ve experienced in a long time. The goal is simple: survive waves of enemies and reach the orange door at the end of the stage.


The game really embraces the modern speed of games like Doom 2016 and Titanfall 2. There’s wall running, sliding, double jumping, slow-motion, and tons of flair. Each level is only a handful of minutes, but they feel like expressive, bullet-packed jungle gyms. Playing feels like a perfectly choreographed sequence from the finest action film.

All of this comes with a Tron-like computer simulation vibe that mixes neon lights, grey-box architecture, and the occasional disco palm tree. Since you’re able to scale walls and climb easily, levels have tons of verticality. You can slide under a truck to surprise an enemy, or you might clamber up high and leap down to blast someone.

With an assortment of weapons like a beefy shotgun or rapid fire pistol, you always have something on had to deal with enemies. Playing well racks up points you can spend on health kits or special weapons like a minigun, katana, or a banana that works like a pistol. There’s even a phone that completely freezes time. It’s goofy stuff, and everything is fun to use.

There’s a handful of modes, including two arena modes and a sort of “find the exit” obstacle course. They’re all fun, but the quick play challenges and never-ending arena mode are where you get to mess around the most. This is the sort of game that you boot up for 20 minutes to an hour and just see what kind of mayhem you can cause against waves of neon pixel-baddies.

Get To The Orange Door is still in early access, so there’s some clumsiness. Controls are good, but players shouldn’t expect Apex Legends-worthy precision. A few times I ran so fast through a level’s end point that I kept rushing forward into the next level, where I fell off a building and lost all my weapons.

Get To The Orange Door’s rough places are outshined by raw fun, however. There’s a free demo for folks who want to enjoy the neon bullet fracas. 10 out of 10: would slow-mo headshot a voxel dude while jumping off a digital palm tree again.

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