New Picross Game Announced, Is An Anime Crossover

New Picross Game Announced, Is An Anime Crossover
Image: <a href="">Famitsu</a>

There’s a new Picross game coming to the Switch! Rather than just stick to numbers and puzzles, though, this one’s a crossover with, of all things, the anime Overlord.

Famitsu reports there’ll be 519 puzzles in all and you can progress through a simple story by unlocking images that play out at the completion of challenges.

It’s out on July 25 in Japan for only ¥1080 (around $14). No word on a Western release.

The game, called Picross: Lord of the Nazarick, is being developed by Jupiter, the studio behind most of the Picross games to appear on Nintendo platforms, from Mario’s Picross to Picross S.

Here’s a trailer:


  • They brought the Kemono Friends crossover West so I don’t see why they won’t bring this one over.

  • I was very late to the picross train, but am cheerfully devouring everything in the franchise that turns up on the switch, so I am 100% behind this.

    • Are you able to fill me in with what it is you achieve in these games? They look kind of interesting but also a bit obtuse.

      • Oh, it’s just a logic puzzle in the same vein as Sudoku.
        Like, each row and column will have numbers on it, denoting how many ‘blocks’ of pixels are populating that row/column. Based on them intersecting, you calculate precisely where each block logically fits and either mark it in, or rule it out, which then affects where intersecting blocks can go.

        Only in picross, completing each part of the puzzle reveals a picture.

        • Cheers mate appreciate it. Might look into that Pokemon Picross cause its free and should give me an idea of how to play.

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