The Discless Xbox One S Costs $349 In Australia

xbox one s all digital edition australia priceImage: Xbox

People are downloading more and more games these days, so Microsoft has decided to extend their Xbox hardware lineup with one extra addition: a discless, digital-only console. It's available in Australia from August 1, and while it'll go on sale later this year, it's currently available for $349.

The discless console is currently priced $30 more than what a 1TB Xbox One S is going for, although neither console is on sale right now. Xbox One S bundles have dropped below $300 in recent years and further during Black Friday and Boxing Day.

And part of that console's success has been because of the disc: it's been the cheapest 4K Blu-Ray player in the Australian market for a while, while also being a baseline games console. The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, which comes with Forza Horizon 3, Minecraft and Sea of Thieves pre-installed, is designed to be around $50 cheaper than the Xbox One S. So $199 bundles around Black Friday or Cyber Monday this year aren't off the cards.

The console comes with a 1TB hard drive, and the Xbox One S refresh of the standard Xbox gamepad. The Microsoft Store also notes that all bundles will come with a Apex Legends Founders Pack code emailed out separate to the console, something not mentioned on the JB Hi-Fi or Harvey Norman listings for the console.

Pre-orders for the All Digital Edition are live from today, but the console won't arrive until August. If anything, it's an interesting indication of what Xbox might offer next year with their future console. Phil Spencer confirmed at E3 that Project Scarlett will have a disc drive next year, but that doesn't mean there won't be a cut-down version of the new Xbox without support for physical media.


    more or less? the MS store says the All digital is $350, the standard on JB Hi-Fi link is $379

    aside from pricing it doesn't seem like there's any difference in hardware.

    Please no one buy this POS. The only real reason to own the Xbox One S (over a PS4 or X1X) is its function as a 4k bluray player.

      I have a Xone S and a PS4 Pro and i was surprised when i read that the pro couldn't play 4K blu-rays considering Sony and the PS3 essentially winning the Hi-Def format wars.

      Doesn't really matter though, i haven't bought a blu-ray in years though.

    Wow. This is very confronting, to me. Really goes to show how many different markets there are.

    Literally the ONLY use my xbone S gets is as a UHD player, because the PS4(pro) only does blu-ray. Cross-platform games all runs better on the Pro than the S, I'm not getting a third xbone for the X, and Microsoft's exclusives are pissweak, so there's just... no reason I can think of to get a discless xbone S.

    I'm sure there's a niche for lovers of MS discless exclusives, but I'm just so very surprised that they've found there's enough of a market in that niche to justify this machine.

      and you learn something new everyday... so PS4 pro supports 4K gaming but not UHD Blu Ray

      thanks for that

        Upscaled 4k gaming as well for most games, rather than native.

        Yeah, as @3dollarftpos mentioned, it doesn't really matter at the moment because native 4K isn't a thing (selling point of the boneX, but only if you're satisfied with 30 frames), but it'll be interesting to see what next year's consoles do in that space.

    At that price it should be a discless Xbox One X not an S.

      That would actually be very, very close to tempting me back into the MS ecosystem, where I haven't been since the days of the 360.

    That tiny saving is pointless, I've saved much more than that being able to buy disks on the cheap. I'd need the console to be $0-99to tempt me!

    The MS store does occasionally do awesome digital bargains but generally they are way overpriced, old sports games are usually $99 digital or $10-$20 disk.

    If the next gen consoles are digital only I won't be buying one!

      I think maybe the idea is that now that Game Pass is a thing, you actually can play quite a lot of games on XBox for a very low price without discs.

      Still wouldn't buy this version, though.

        Ah yeah it must suit some people otherwise they wouldn't release it, doesn't suit me though!

      You are supposed to make 1 main account with friends so you can split the cost of live and digital games.
      That's why digital games are always expensive because they know people can share games.

    Microsoft could have at least picked different words so that the acronym isn't SAD (S All Digital) Edition...

      I think its pretty apt personally.

      No console name could be worse than Xbone.

      Microsoft: ‘Hold my beer’

    Breaking News people Microsoft's hardware sales are down by 48% not good news for Phil Spencer despite their failed efforts at this year's E3 for not showing us gameplay for upcoming games like Gears of War 5 and Halo Infinite and not showing any appreciation for an upcoming Banjo Kazooie game since Rare had already launched the pirating world of Rare's Sea of Thieves and despite purchasing all other games studios Microsoft is only delivering third party games and not first party games.
    If Microsoft doesn't keep up it's all over for Phil Spencer and Microsoft meaning that will be the end of Microsoft's Xbox lifecycle for good.

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