ESPN Delays Apex Legends Tournament Highlights ‘Out Of Respect’ Following Mass Shootings

ESPN Delays Apex Legends Tournament Highlights ‘Out Of Respect’ Following Mass Shootings

This weekend’s planned airing of the EXP Apex Legends Invitational at X Games tournament on ESPN2 in the US has been postponed by the network, “out of respect for the victims and all those impacted in the immediate aftermath of the shootings”.

The broadcast is meant to show highlights from the Apex Legends tournament that was held at X Games in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on August 2. Originally scheduled to air in the US on ESPN2 this weekend, the show has been postponed for two months.

The news broke yesterday when esports reporter Rod Breslau tweeted a news tip from an ABC affiliate station. (ABC and ESPN both being networks owned by Disney.)

While ESPN has not made an official statement, a source with knowledge of the network’s plans has told Kotaku that the broadcast will now air on ESPN2 on Sunday, October 6 at 5:00PM ET; Tuesday, October 15 at 11:00PM ET; and Sunday, October 27 at 4:00PM ET.

The news comes following a similar move by retailer Walmart, which has pulled in-store advertising and displays for games that contain “violent themes or aggressive behaviour” following this weekend’s shooting near a store in El Paso, Texas. The stores will still sell guns.


  • Yeah, I mean I suppose if they aired it as planned and nobody batted an eye they wouldn’t get to virtue signal like they are now.

  • All this signalling is sure to get you a lot of virtue.

    The people who would have actually been outraged had this gone ahead as normal would not have even been victims of the recent events. Nor would have they been watching in the first place.

    Just the types who’s profession is to get as outraged as possible over the smaller things.

    The actual victims of these events probably don’t give a flying shit because they have more important things to deal with right now.

  • it was nice to see the articles from Kotaku debunking this games made him do it bullshit, but i’m also pretty sure i remember an article about how the new COD game gave some journo chills etc etc when they wouldn’t play ball on politicising the game in an anti Trump direction, maybe that was IGN and not Kotaku. Probably wasn’t Kotaku they wouldn’t be hypocrits and help to push the violence in games stuff and also the TRUTH so they can try to make money from selling both ideas.

    • Kotaku definitely have their fair share of ridiculous articles when it comes to its authors getting all uppity about games not adhering to and/or pushing their personal political views…

      And there was a point where nearly every Division 2 article was accompanied by typically snide remarks about the developers not wanting to be political, etc.

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