Is Star Wars A Disney?

Is Star Wars A Disney?

Truly, the internet can be a wonderful place.

I was waiting for my coffee earlier this morning, and Tegan and I were chatting with the owners about their weekend. They’d rewatched Jurassic Park recently on DVD, which reminded me about our trip of Universal Studios Osaka — and the Jurassic Park section — a couple of years ago.

Because it’s Monday, and my brain was running on zero caffeine at that point, I couldn’t remember whether Galaxy Edge — the new Star Wars section of Disneyland that’s apparently amazing — was making its way over to Japan.

So, I googled the answer. And what Google spat back was … not what I was prepared for.

The answer to “Is Star Wars a Disney”, which I can’t hear in my head without thinking “am i perganent”, is a link to the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Wiki page. Which probably isn’t as specific an answer as the poor folk asking the question.

But if you can answer that with a straight face, maybe you could also help out these poor folk:


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