One Copy Of The Loin King, Please

One Copy Of The Loin King, Please

So the Aladdin and Lion King remasters got announced recently. There’s just one problem.

But there’s one problem. Can you see it?

Let’s zoom in the photo for a closer look.

Oh that seems–wait a minute.

Oh no.

Whoever made sure the spelling was right on the Xbox One jacket probably also did the Switch version. Which doubly sucks for them today.

On the other hand, I would 1000 percent buy a physical copy of The Loin King if it ever got printed. It’s also a nice way of remembering Westwood Studios — before they started working on Blade Runner and sold 10 million copies of Command & Conquer, they coded games The Lion King for Disney and RPGs like Eye of the Beholder for SSI.

Thanks to Dan for spotting this on Twitter!


    • All that docking and undocking, I have to cover my eyes each time I do it lest it awakens carnal urges in me.

      • I was more referring to it getting all the uncensored games from Compile Heart, but I’ll pay that one. 😀

        “Which way does your Joy-Con drift?” For a bit more of that lewdity!

        • I tried to play various Compile Heart games. Ridiculous walls of text/exposition, literally every few minutes. The last one I tried to play was omega quintet…. never again.
          Strikes me as production line cash grab kinda stuff

  • One Copy Of The Loin King, Please

    The Loin King? I thought this article was going to be something completely different.

  • Sounds like one of those urban legends where parents end up buying the porn parody of a kids film.

    I keep imagining a family watching the intro, bewilderment turning to horror as all the actors dressed as animals gather and begin an orgy.

  • Didn’t even notice the headline. This is pretty great. King of Loins represent!!

    I loved Aladdin. Back to the Shiny/Dave Perry days. Way too easy though. And Lion King was always super hard too!

  • “Loin” is the ocker pronunciation of Lion, so technically it’s correct from a certain point of view.

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