Red Dead Redemption 2 Bird Mod Is Magnificently Chill

Red Dead Redemption 2 Bird Mod Is Magnificently Chill
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Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game that can be chill, but eventually, somebody pulls a gun on you, or a coyote attacks, or you wander into a whinnying horse fire hell zone. To achieve true chill, you must rise above it all. Thanks to mods, you can.

YouTuber Jedijosh920 (via Polygon) used player model mods to swap out grumpy old Arthur Morgan with a series of different birds.

He then soared over Red Dead Redemption 2‘s gargantuan landscape, heedless of the petty cares of cowboys, coyotes, and burning horses — at least, until the former started shooting at him after 13 minutes or so.

By and large, though, playing as a bird seems to be just about the most calming way to experience Red Dead Redemption 2. You can also do a bit of boundary breaking, as Jedijosh920 was able to make it to Mexico, which is not currently accessible in the normal game.

Birds, however, have no concept of country, nationality, or unannounced DLC that could take place in Mexico. They simply fly where the wind (and migratory paths) take them. Perhaps we can learn from their example. Or, failing that, we can at least hope there’ll be an official bird mode included in whatever DLC Rockstar decides to release in the future.


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