Shaved Mario Is Making Me Feel Strange

Shaved Mario Is Making Me Feel Strange

Here is a very simple, but very effective mod for Super Mario Odyssey that shaves Mario’s moustache for the entirety of the game. Cutscenes, gameplay, everything. It’s gross and I hate it.

And yet… I also cannot stop looking at it. At how young it makes him look. Like this is the Young Super Mario Chronicles. Like a bridge between Baby Mario and Grown-Arse Mario.

This is complicated.

The mod was made by SlashSMC, and if you’ve been dabbling with the game on CEMU, you can download it here.


  • Without the Stashe, the scale and motion of his nose is off putting… its like a Proboscis Monkey.

  • This is cool as a proof of concept, but we all know the real deal is giving Mario the badass certification he sorely needs: a full beard.

    • Good lord no. If you’re going to do that then you might as well give him some tatts and a manbun and make him a goddamn barista at some douchey hipster coffee shop that charges $18 for some deconstructed Vegemite toast 😛

      • Nah. I’m thinking of the Badass Beard Think Kratos. Max Payne. Ezio Auditore. Marcus Fenix. They levelled up in badassery when they grew beards. No man buns in this crowd. Just badasses. The kind of beard-wearers that deconstruct their enemies, not sandwiches.

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