Surprise, That Amazing Saga Collection Is Out Tomorrow

Surprise, That Amazing Saga Collection Is Out Tomorrow
Happy hugs. (Image: Fiona Staples, Image Comics)

Earlier this year, while also announcing that Saga would officially end after 108 issues, Image Comics revealed a gorgeous, humongous collection of all 54 issues of Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ beloved sci-fi epic, representing exactly one half of the tale so far. It was meant to be out in October. Then, it was pulled forward to September. Now? It’s out Thursday!

Image has just revealed the surprise release of Saga: Compendium One, which will now hit comic book stores August 22, ahead of a wider release in book stores and online retailers on August 27.

Editor’s Note: It’s unconfirmed whether Australia will get stock in time for this surprise global release, but it is listed for pre-order at Kings Comics.

A trade paperback collection gathering over 1200 pages, Compendium One gathers all 54 issues of the series, charting the adventures of starcrossed husband and wife Alana and Marko, members of warring species on the run from both of their civilisations with their young daughter, Hazel. You could either read it and experience one of the greatest sci-fi comics of the last decade, or probably use it as a makeshift weapon in case of a home invasion. That’s a lotta comic!

Image The full cover for Saga: Compendium One. (Image: Fiona Staples, Image Comics)

Saga itself is currently on hiatus, as Vaughan and Staples both plan the back half of the series and let fans decompress after the release of Saga #54 saw a massive status quo shift for the series in July last year. That basically means that this collection is the perfect way to hop on board with Saga if you haven’t already, or just as a way to re-read it all while waiting for it to return.

Given the surprise early release of this collection, it seems like it’d be an educated assumption to believe we’ll be hearing about just when we can expect Saga to make its comeback sooner rather than later.


  • I want this so much. It’s actually cheaper on Book Depository (A$79 + free shipping) and available to ship already if anyone needs to save a few dollars. (Support your local comic book store if you can afford to though!)

    I’m surprised at the price actually, compared to the trades and the collective “books” its dirt cheap. Buying the trades/volumes separately adds up to about $180+ and the three “books” that collect 18 issues each add up to around the same. So getting the compendium at A$100 is insanely good value!

    • Damn, you are right. On the other hand, I already have “sunk” the cost of the first two volumes, so I think I’ll sadly skip this. The other reason to skip this is that the second (and likely last) compendium, will be released in several years… I don’t want to wait that long to keep reading the story!

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