Twitter Bot Hosts Never-Ending Jeopardy Game

Twitter Bot Hosts Never-Ending Jeopardy Game

Twitter is a place where adults yell at each other for no reason and pretend that the world isn’t ending. It’s also a place for fun games and bots. A Twitter account called Endless Jeopardy is providing computer generated trivia questions every 15 minutes, for a game that will never end. (Well, at least until Twitter is finally, finally shut down.)

Endless Jeopardy is the creation of musician and occasional game maker Neil Cicierega. It algorithmically creates a trivia question for which players must then generate answers. The questions are absolute nonsense, of course, and the goal is mostly to come up with the funniest reply.

Whoever’s answer gets the most likes wins some fake funbucks, which are accrued over the course of the game. There’s also prizes for the second and third most popular answers. I play, but sparingly, since I have found that being verified on Twitter and having a decent amount of followers gives me something of an advantage.

Endless Jeopardy isn’t new by any means. The game started last February. It has, however, become a silly staple of my day to read other people’s jokes and a welcome excuse to occasionally come up with dumb puns and flights of fancy. If you’re in need of pick-me-up or just want to flex your bullshitting muscle, Endless Jeopardy will provide plenty of opportunity and hopefully a few laughs as well.

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