Trans Jeopardy! Champ Breaks Records, Becomes Highest-Earning Woman In Show History

Trans Jeopardy! Champ Breaks Records, Becomes Highest-Earning Woman In Show History
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Last Friday, Amy Schneider became the highest-earning woman in the history of the quiz show Jeopardy! That makes her the fourth-highest-earning contestant overall for regular season games, and fifth for overall winnings. After her latest game yesterday, she’s tied with Julia Collins, who had a 20-day win streak in 2014, for the most victories by a woman. She’s also a trans woman, which absolutely rules.

Schneider told Yahoo Entertainment: “Anything that can be done to show trans people as normal people is a great thing… There definitely are people that are saying things to me that I want to respond to, and that’s not going anywhere good. The flip side of that is that so much of what I get on Twitter and Facebook is so positive and good. “

One of the positive responses came from a Jeopardy! champion whose achievements she surpassed. Larissa Kelly congratulated Schneider over Twitter, and Schneider responded: “I’m honoured to be in your company, and I look forward to some day watching the woman who beats us both!” It was heartwarming to see two competitive champions being supportive of each other, and it was for a good reason. The vast majority of the competitors on Jeopardy!’s Hall of Fame are men, including the top three in every category.

The lack of representation had never discouraged Schneider, who had wanted to be on Jeopardy! since she was five years old. And she’s not the first trans contestant in the trivia show’s history, though she’s certainly the winningest, and as of December 1, the first to qualify for the Tournament of Champions (a yearly competition between the show’s most successful contestants). The date for the tournament hasn’t been announced, but her qualification gives her an opportunity to continue her win streak.

Schneider is optimistic about her continued appearance on Jeopardy! “There are trans people out there, watching me, who are smart trivia nerds,” Schneider told The Daily Beast. She hoped to “lessen their fear a little bit, and give them a bit more hope about what might be possible for them.”

Her historic achievement is a bright spot for the otherwise troubled game show. Executive producer Mike Richards recently left Jeopardy! following a report about his discriminatory behaviour. LeVar Burton briefly guest-hosted Jeopardy! this July, but eventually realised that he didn’t want the job. Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik are the current hosts of the show, and will continue to host in 2022.


    • They need to hire writers who are actually interested in gaming rather than creating a platform for their next job.

      • Quite a lot of people quite like the tone and coverage of this website. Perhaps, if you think that a better model exists, maybe you could create it and make a mint?

        Wait, you’re still here and still generating clicks and engagement, so actually it seems that this website is doing exactly what it needs to do to attract and retain readers.

        • Well hate clicks are still clicks… writing articles to get a negative response isn’t exactly new ground breaking writing. Tabloids have been doing it for years now.

          That being said… I mean Jeopardy is technically a “game” so… I guess it still fits in Kotaku.. I mean we did get a constand dose of UFC once upon a time. This is at least tengentially related to “games”

      • While correct.. considering every article based on jeopardy in the last 6 months have been nothing other than some form of leftist crap… I don’t think it has anything to do with Jeopardy and more with pushing a puff piece about trans person (ie, the leftist crap)

        If this site was actually interested in jeopardy because it falls under the “nerd culture/game” banner, then they woulda put up an article about the death of it’s legendary host Alex Trebek… But they didn’t… So it’s quite obvious that it’s not because of “nerd culture/game”

        • What has this got to do with ‘Leftist’ crap?! Since when has that show been a leftist propaganda mouthpiece… oh you mean Trans stuff is Leftist Crap? Since when has gender identity been a political ideology?

          Some people really are funny.

      • Since when is Jeopardy considered nerd culture (God, I hate that description!)?? It is a trivia show, hardly what Kotaku should be focused on. I would understand an article where the show had a segment or question/s about nerd culture (Did I mention how I hate that description??) or video games but I have to agree with Nuffman, this is just woke crap pretending to be related to gaming/nerd culture (urgh) that Kotaku once used to solely report on. It is sad to see Kotaku fall deeper and deeper into becoming irrelevant.

  • I for one enjoy these articles.

    The article itself is just a simple feel-good story about a popular game show.

    The comments are a hilarious goldmine of conservative snowflakes being triggered by the fact that trans people continue to exist.

    Kotaku has been publishing articles like this forever, and you’d think they’d just leave if seeing content about marginalized groups caused them to spit out their dummies, but the regressive crybabies are still here, and the site would be duller without them.

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