Great, More People Are Keen On Rogues In World Of Warcraft: Classic

rogue world of warcraft classicImage: Blizzard

You know something I don't miss from 2004? Running around an area only to hear the dull sound of some arsehole sneaking around two seconds before I get seventy thousand knives in my back. So naturally, that's precisely what's become more popular in the week leading up to the World of Warcraft: Classic.

Last time I checked in with how Australians were shaping up ahead of the WoW Classic launch, the general breakdown was what you'd expect. Warriors were popular back in the day and they were popular amongst those looking into classes and guides ahead of the vanilla game's relaunch, with the class the most searched in Australia over the last month. That was followed closely by Hunters, Mages and Priests, with Warlocks hovering just underneath that.

But in the last week, interest has spread out quite a bit. There's been a huge surge of interest in Rogues particularly — they were one of the least popular classes a fortnight ago, but now interest in in the backstabbing arseholes is just notching out every other class. Warriors are still popular, but not as popular as Mages, Priests or even Hunters.

Shamans, Paladins and Druids are comfortably the three least popular classes by far, although lack of interest in the Shaman is probably also partially influenced by their exclusivity. (Paladins are exclusive too, but they're also Paladins, so they deserve to be at the bottom.)

The state by state breakdowns are always fun, if only because it feeds slightly into the stereotype for each of those states. Using the five most popular classes from the earlier searches, we can see that rogues have the highest share of searches in Victoria and New South Wales — the biggest, most cutthroat cities, so that makes total sense. Mages are equally as popular in New South Wales, but beyond that the interest is more broad (probably due to bigger sample size, really).

South Australia has a much higher interest in warriors and priests, while mages and hunters pop up more for Western Australians. There's not enough data for Tasmania, the ACT or the Northern Territory, but interest in priests has spiked in Queensland, which was mostly Warrior central this time a fortnight ago.

I'm still sticking to an Alliance Warlock this time around, unless some friends pop out of the woodwork and convince me otherwise. (I played a Tauren Warrior last time, but I'm not even remotely keen for another bout of Barrens chat, or RSI.)


    a few people in my guild are going to playing classic, while myself and few other vanilla veterans wont be playing. I played vanilla wow from release from 5pm to midnight every single day until Wrath to which its been 12 hours a day until BFA (im semi retired/self employed). I have no interest in going back to classic, but Bully for those who do and enjoy it

      by the way alex, thats not Rogue in the header picture, its a vengeance demon hunter wielding the vengeance Artifact weapon appearance

        Yeah, I searched for ages to find a good rogue screenshot from Classic (one that's OK to use, that is) but after spending way too long on looking for an image I piked and went with what I could grab. Eventually had to move onto the next thing -_-

        The rouges behind him getting ready to stab him in the back.

    Yessssssss. I cannot wait for the rebirth of the ancient texts memes!

    "Warlocks aren't supposed to beat rogues. PVP is based on rock, paper, scissors."
    "Let me see if I understand... Rogues are scissors. Warriors are rock. HuntersPaladinsPriestsDruidsMagesShamans are paper. Warlocks are mushrooms."
    (*mushroom image appears, slides off to one side and fades into nothing*)
    "Paper beats rock, scissors beats paper. Scissors also happen to beat rock... until rock his 60 at which point rock becomes an unstoppable killing machine who then also beats paper ...and would beat scissors, but it can't find scissors, because scissors are invisible. So scissors beat paper, and avoid rock, and that is called balance."

    It's funny that rogues are so popular in Australia, now... back in vanilla, without oceanic servers, all Australians had a minimum of 250-300ms ping, making backstab rogues (the most powerful) utterly pointless as no Australian could ever spend any period of time actually behind any but the most inept of players.

      Honestly, I played two rogues in vanilla with that Aussie handicap... And enjoyed PvP like I really never have since in WoW.

      The ping definitely wasn't always detrimental as far as placement and enemies avoiding backstabs, etc, either.

    Many great memories of classic WoW and then the memories of rogues back then. Keyboard got a pounding amount of times got hit by rogues sneaking up.

    I was a vanilla backstab rogue and I found getting behind someone wasn't too bad *most* of the time. Most people moved in a way that it was easy enough to get behind them, but every once in a while you would come across someone with the audacity to... walk backwards in a straight line.

    In those situations, the disconnect between my perceived location, and where the server said I was, meant pretty much everything - not just backstabs - was "out of range". Locking someone down with stuns and crippling poison reduced the frequency of those situations, but it still meant getting at least one hit in before your ping screws you.

    I for one welcome the return of my orc rogue and his valiant efforts to pry people's souls from their bodies while wearing a tuxedo outfit.

    I also welcome the return of insane shit like my orc warrior holding a flag in Warsong Gulch long enough for her to use shield wall 3-4 times in a single match.

      you held on to the flag for 2 fucking hours without capping!?!

        Welcome to battlegrounds before flag holder debuffs or match time limits were a thing... I absolutely had a number of 3 hour-ish Warsong matches.

        Generally because there was a prot warrior on the other team holding our flag, so as the flag holders we'd be waiting for our teams to kill the other person while playing a game of keep away to stay alive.

        I actually remember enjoying classic PvP like that FAR more than in the last decade of the game.

    And yet every one of them will cry when the warlocks top damage meters week in, week out, until they release TBC. Again.

    I only ever played on PVE realms and rarely ever played with PVP flagged so I have never experienced this. I never understood the appeal of it.

      The danger of the other faction out in the world made it much more fun.

        Doesn't really appeal to me, I'd rather just get on with questing and not have to bother with someone spawn camping my corpse.

      I played on Frostmourne PvP for 10 years and I am looking forward to going PvE. I realised far too late that PvP servers suck unless you are the kind of person who enjoys ganking people far weaker than you.

      The only time world PvP occurs is if the enemy either Outgears, Outlevels or Outnumbers you and its usually some combination of the three. People aren't interested in a fight they have a chance of losing. There is also that special type of person who enjoys spending their entire evening in low level zones while they are level 60 camping people who are trying to quest.

    Can't wait to ambush crit geared up level 60 mages for all of their health with my rogue starter knife.

    Good times.

      I used to health gear my mage back in vanilla for teh lolz. I'd hunt the AH for Whale gear (think it was Whale, or was that Diablo 2?) just for the HP boost. At one point I was the highest HP sub-60 mage in the world. Gave that challenge up once I hit 60 and the only real gear progression was obviously in sets.

      An individual of supreme taste and class, bravo!

      Classic rogues were ridiculous... Could have no gear on and just obliterate someone before they even realised you'd unstealthed. Lead to some great shenanigans.

        There's a reason Ming made the World of Roguecraft videos.

        (Fun fact: I once got to raid with Ming. His guild needed a few fill-ins for a farm raid and I was looking for some of my T2 set, so yeah. Fastest BWL run I've ever done.)

        The twink rogues were what killed any desire for PVP in WoW for me. I went in at about 27 or 28 thinking it'd be relatively balanced only to face rogues with triple my health who could kill me before I even came out of the first stunlock on my druid. Hell, some of the level 29 rogues were better geared than level 50s 0_o

          Yeah... Unfortunately one of the 'quirks' of early WoW was the amount of imbalanced methods to pump stats, or get relatively high level gear on low level characters like that. So some sheer insanity prevailed in low level PvP.

          Meanwhile nowadays in WoW things like high level enchants, etc, all have level restrictions as far as minimum levels of items they can be placed or be effective on, etc.

    My brother played a rogue in vanilla. This time he's going warrior and I'm priest, easy dungeon groups.

    Guess it also shows a change in maturity since we both played dps back in the days and focused on topping the damage meters, even if it meant me committing suicide as a mage to get that extra aoe dps on trash pulls.

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