The Most Popular World Of Warcraft Classic Classes

The Most Popular World Of Warcraft Classic Classes

So World of Warcraft Classic drops this month. Maybe you haven’t played since original, or you’re just returning after one of the middle expansions, like Mists of Pandaria or Cataclysm. You’re not sure if you want to replay the same class you originally chose, or pick something new. Thankfully, there’s always the time honoured tradition: seeing what everyone else is picking.

Blizzard hasn’t released official stats of all the choices just yet, but there is something just as powerful with as much insight into our daily needs and wants: Google. Google Trends is a great tool for seeing some of the random crap that people end up searching, but it’s also super useful when you want to see what classes and subclasses most people are interested in.

You can only use Google Trends to compare five items at a time, so it takes a little bit of time to gauge what the five most popular classes are. But after limiting the searches to the last 90 days — because search interest always tracks higher as you get closer to betas and release — the most popular class is also the most unsurprising: Warriors, with the highest frequency of searches from Queensland.

But interest in Hunters, Mages and Priests wasn’t far behind, showing that WoW Classic might have a little more diversity in the Oceanic servers this time around. Let’s be real though: everyone’s still going to be begging Mages for food and portals.

If you swap the keywords around a little, assuming people search for the class first and then WoW Classic, you get a similar result: Warriors on top, Hunters second and Mages and Priests neck and neck at third:

The Most Popular World Of Warcraft Classic Classes

Using Warriors as the baseline, and having eliminated the other classes out of the top five by process of elimination, we can then gauge interest in the other WoW Classic classes. Rogues and Druids are naturally the most appealing, while Paladins are on the bottom.

I am surprised that there’s so much interest in Hunters. Maybe people forgot what it was like being kited by Mages exclusively between five and eight feet. In any case, at least we can all appreciate that Paladins are completely unloved, as they should be.


  • Hey Alex – Classic drops in 2 weeks iirc and Mages will be hounded for food and ports – not ‘Locks.
    Interesting data though, at least we can agree on Pally’s. /spit

      • The first time I ever saw a Thunderfury, it was on a Rogue. I immediately rolled a rogue with the goal of getting one. Fifteen years later and I’m *still* yet to even see a binding drop, let alone get the necessary materials to make the sword.

        • I’ve got everything ready to go for Thunderfury except the left binding. I’ve had the right binding drop a dozen times now but the left just won’t.

  • Hopefully people are still willing to tip for portals/food.

    That said I’d still reroll a warrior if I was going to play Classic. Nothing beat getting my valor breastplate on my first UBRS run as MT. It upset the other top warrior in my guild to no end

  • i will be playing mage but bitches gunna pay for my portals.

    According to twitter Epstein was going to play Warrior and Hilary doesn’t share drops.

  • I’ll be one of those hunters… while you are right that Mages were able to stand in the Hunter “dead zone”, you forget that Hunters could get a burst of speed then jump, spin in the air (shoot while facing backwards), then spin back forwards again before landing – making them the ultimate PvP kite machines. Mind you, in practice only a percentage of Hunters will remember and be able to pull off this manoeuvre.

    • What’s more fun is druid -v- hunter. Where the hunter is perma rooted and the druid slowly bleeds them to death with dots, while keeping the pet hibernated.

    • The best one was using the Rogue starting dagger to ambush crit mages for all their health.

      (Actually one thing I hope gets changed for Classic is the almost complete lack of damage scaling on Rogue level 60 abilities. I know some other classes had the same problems as well, but rogues had it the worst.)

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