Zelda Fans Protest, Smash PS4 Over Very Similar Chinese Game

Image: Weibo, PTTWeb,Image: ZhugeEX

Open-world game Genshin Impact has been described as an anime Breath of the Wild. Some Zelda fans in China are not happy about it. At all.

The Chinese-developed RPG’s first gameplay footage was shown recently at the China Joy gaming expo.

As ZhugeEX and CCN report, the game has been called out for allegedly copying Breath of the Wild.

Via Twitter user Vivian.Ysy, here is a side-by-side comparison of in-game screenshots.

Image: Weibo

At China Joy, Zelda fans took photos of themselves holding their Switch consoles running Breath of the Wild flipping off the Genshin Impact display at the Sony booth. They’re upset that Sony would release such a similar-looking game.

Image: Weibo, PTTWeb,Image: ZhugeEX
Image: Weibo, PTTWeb,Image: ZhugeEX
Image: Weibo, PTTWeb,Image: ZhugeEX
Image: Hachima, ZhugeEX
Image: Weibo, PTTWeb,Image: ZhugeEX
Screenshot: Weibo, PTTWeb,Image: ZhugeEX

“Despite this, we noted it was the most popular game at Sony China Joy booth with very long lines,” ZhugeEX tells Kotaku.

Still, as Hachima reports, one guy even destroyed his PS4 in protest.

Image: Weibo, PTTWeb,Image: ZhugeEX
Image: Weibo, PTTWeb,Image: ZhugeEX
Image: Weibo, PTTWeb,Image: ZhugeEX

Cosplay protest was far less destructive.

Image: Weibo, PTTWeb,Image: ZhugeEX


    China really doesn't give a fuck about IP laws.

      True enough but this doesn't actually seem to break any IP laws.
      It's clearly inspired by BotW, that much is abundantly clear by the art style, mechanics and music but for once it's not a complete rip.
      I'm actually surprised there isn't a rip off Link as the main character.

      It actually looks a little fun.

      True, but with so much resources poured into a console title, they take their copying seriously too.

    Can't wait for the inevitable Breath of the Wild mods that replace Link with these anime girls

    I’m down for more of a good thing. Critical question is this: Does the shameless clone do away with the disposable weapons mechanic?

    Lol those comparisons.
    See it has swimming too, what a rip off!! And fire!!! REEEE

    The big enemy with the laser is very similar though.

    Maybe i'd be bothered if i'd played a zelda but as i haven't this just gave me a nice laugh about how mad people are getting.

      Don't use the "autism screech" insult, we're all better than that.

        lol. Its called exaggerating for comedic effect friendo.
        Plus even it was actually serious, what i said was aimed at the people this article is about, not who's commenting on it.

          No matter how much you try to justify it, it's kind of offensive. Take the feedback and move on.

    Spend $500 on a PS4 just to destroy it? That'll show Sony! I'm sure giving them $500 for nothing will certainly make them reconsider allowing a different company to make a game for their system!

    Ah yes, the distinctive and original art style that had never been done in any games before BOTW.

    Such a rip-off.

    /sarcasm, or whatever the kids say these days

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It’s clearly extremely heavily inspired by BotW at best and a straight rip-off at worst. But hey, BotW is one of the best games of all time so it would be weird if this didn’t happen to some degree. Not excuses though. This is super uncool.

    Incidents like this, where the person smashed their PS4, always just blows my mind.

    It's like, you went out and bought their product, then in response to an action they take you destroy that product.
    So now you're out of product and they still have your money?

    I look forward to the idiot standing in line next week sheepishly buying a new console because of whatever next fad game comes out and his impulses can't resist.

      But they sure showed Sony a thing or two... about what a 3rd party did?


    So, Chinese citizens are finally experiencing First World Problems - congratulations!

      China out china'd china.

    This behaviour at a games expo in China is totally unacceptable because giving Genshin Impact the middle finger people is not going to help and for people who live in China you guys need to wake up to yourselves and realise that this behaviour is not acceptable at all and smashing your PS4 in protest don't even think about breaking your games console.
    I mean I never smash my Nintendo Switch I'd have my Nintendo Switch for two years now but this is ridiculous wake up people I will not accept this type of behaviour at games expo in China.
    If you don't like Genshin Impact people then you might you as well take your filthy behaviour elsewhere this is unacceptable and I will not tolerate it.
    Get a life people and get with the bloody program!

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