Deathstroke Is Out For Blood In This Twisted Titans Teaser

Now that Trigon’s out of the picture, Titans has been slowly setting the stage for Deathstroke, the villain who destroyed the first incarnation of the titular team, to return and do what he does best: murder.

While we’ve gotten a few glimpses of Esai Morales’ take on Slade Wilson in some of the first season two episodes, a new teaser video presents the lethal mercenary in all his costumed glory and explains why exactly he’s come back after years of, presumably, being inactive.

The Titans might have thought that their days dealing with Deathstroke were long gone, but the fact that Dick Grayson’s brought the team back together is reason enough for the villain to come out of retirement with every intention of killing the young heroes.

Titans is now streaming on DC Universe in the U.S. and will air on Netflix Australia at a later date.


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