What’s Your Weirdest Video Game Ritual?

What’s Your Weirdest Video Game Ritual?

Do you have any bizarre rituals that you always perform in a video game, no matter what? This week on Kotaku Splitscreen, we discuss that question and much more.

First, Kirk, Maddy, and I talk about the great new visual novel AI: The Somnium Files, the wonderfully addictive Fire Emblem, and Remnant: From the Ashes, aka Gears of Dark Souls. Then we get into news (34:07) on Nicalis and Apple Arcade, followed by off-topic talk (57:16) and the continued legend of Gardner Minshew II.

We also talk about this question from listener Annie:

Hello Jason, Maddy and Kirk!

I’ve been a longtime fan of the podcast, and I wanted to ask you guys something kind of silly!

I’ll keep this brief, but for context, I’ve been playing a lot of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey since I bought it last week (I know, I’m very late to the party). One of my favourite parts of the game is the mercenary/bounty hunter tier system. Since my first mercenary kill, I’ve made it a tradition for myself and my friends that play the game with me to throw the body of every defeated mercenary into the nearest body of natural water as if it were a sign of respect.

We also salute the screen and fire a single arrow into the sky. We will do this even if we are in a pretty landlocked territory of the game. There is absolutely no real purpose to doing this, it’s just hilarious to us and we do it solely out of tradition.

So my question is this: do you guys have any weird unscripted video game traditions? (i.e., things that you’ll always do that aren’t required in the game at all?)

Best Regards,


The three of us didn’t have many good answers, other than my habit of singing the Indiana Jones theme song every time I kill someone with a shotgun in Destiny PvP, so we’ve asked our audience to tell us their own stories.

We’ve heard some good ones already — a listener who plays Breath of the Wild solely as a pescatarian, one who does push-ups after every Call of Duty loss, and one who sticks their hand out and makes the peace symbol, à la Mario in Super Mario World, every time they finish a video game level.

Surely you also have your own strange habits. What’s your weirdest video game ritual? Share below or hit us up with your best ones.


  • If i’m replaying a favourite game,such as The Witcher 3,Bioshock,or BL 2 for example,and am interrupted by a new game,a holiday or a guest staying a few days,I absolutely have to restart from the beginning.I’ve finished Wild Hunt 5 times in it’s entirety but have at least reached Lv 10 more than 20 times and felt I had to begin over.Same goes for many other games.It’s most annoying sometimes.

  • If I’m about to tackle a part of a game that I know is particularly difficult, I temporarily take my hands off the controller and rub the sweat off them on my shirt or pants. I call it the “magic rub” because it often works to get me through 🙂

  • If i come to a hard boss or a section I die a lot. I stop playing and walk away for a few hours.
    It avoids thrown controllers and unnecessary game rage.

  • I’m not sure if it qualifies as a ritual, and the only ritual I can think of is how the level of expletives I use increases exponentially until I beat a hard fight, but when I’m stuck on an Adventure or Puzzle game, if I really can’t figure it out, I’ll stop playing and just do something else.

    Inevitably, on the way to work the next day, the solution will pop into my head uninvited. Although sometimes it can be a few days or weeks later.

  • This is a pretty boring example but I’m every game I play, I test the limits of the in game camera. I feel like when I have full control of the camera like in dark souls for instance, I’m happier.

  • I have this OCD compulsion when I play GTA games, that whenever I complete a mission I have to do a full lap of the map for all the armour and weapons that spawn prior to saving. Means I have an incredible arsenal by the endgame.
    Playing San Andreas I had pretty much maxed the ammo on every single weapon, when I came to the main story mission where James Woods (I think) CIA character takes ALL YOUR WEAPONS away. And you never get them back.
    I laugh about but now, but back then I almost cried!
    I almost cried.

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