Code Vein’s Character Creation Has All The Options

Code Vein’s Character Creation Has All The Options

There are nearly 500 eyebrow options in Code Vein’s character creator.

There is a lot of every option in the robust character creation toolset of Bandai Namco’s post-apocalyptic vampire adventure. Players begin by choosing a gender, one of the creator’s simplest options. From there, they can choose between 32 different premade characters. These serve as a starting point for a much larger series of decisions. Each preset character is stunning in their own way.

Once a preset is selected, the best option is to skip down to entering a name and advancing directly to gameplay. Otherwise, moving on to “Advanced Settings” opens up a staggering amount of customisation that kept me occupied for several hours when I was supposed to be playing the actual game.

There are 58 different hairstyles in Code Vein’s character creator. Each hairstyle has multiple colour options, base colour, and highlights. Once you’ve chosen and coloured the perfect hairstyle you’ll discover the accessories menu. Along with glasses, hats, gloves, jewellery, and other random bits, the accessories menu has an entire section filled with hair extensions.


There are only a handful of outfits in Code Vein’s character creator, which is good, because each one can be customised with dozens of different colours and patterns. Flat colours. Glowing colours. Plaids. Animal patterns. Metallic sheens. Vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, and checkerboard.


Sweet Christ, there are 66 different options for eye highlights in Code Vein’s character creator. EYE HIGHLIGHTS.

This is why I spent an hour and a half creating my first character in Code Vein. Then I played through the opening section and realised I didn’t like the character I created. I made a new character and started the game over. Eventually, I found the in-game headquarters, where characters can be edited on the fly. I felt stupid for not checking this out sooner, but also pretty.

I spent ten minutes showing off Code Vein’s character creator while gushing. It’s deep and complicated, as a character creator should be. It’s the game’s best feature.


  • I was originally going to play it for the first time during my lunch break on a work from home day. After playing with it for a while I came to the realisation that I needed a much longer period of time to do so.

    My new character is fairly different from the original but she really was fun to design. I wish there was more of the options for faces in general tho, with the shape and placements of features.

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