The Joker Sucks

The Joker Sucks

A new film starring The Joker is out now in theatres worldwide. I can’t let him get away with this. In this video I step in to expose the Joker for what he is (boring) and clowns for what they are.

For one thing, the Joker’s not even funny. Additionally, you shouldn’t trust clowns. Can you even remember the last time a clown was not a criminal? The discourse surrounding this film represents an Opinion Emergency, and someone needs to stop it. I suggest you do the brave thing: don’t see it. No matter how much your friends are talking about it.

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  • Alas, I’m allergic to YouTube videos.

    That said, Joker was fantastic and easily my film of the year so far.

    Lots of evil creepy villainous clowns tho. Someone needs to make a video game where you’re a wholesome courageous hero that saves the world with Smilex… Er… smiles.

    • I wouldn’t say it was the greatest but, it certainly did bring me through the emotions. the empathy at the start to the revulsion towards Arthur at the end (which is entirely the point I’d suggest). It was well crafted. A little slow maybe but, yeah pretty good. Just saw it a few hours ago.

  • Love the movie.

    No idea why it’s triggered a certain part of the media into flipping out and doing all they can to try and ruin it.

    • It held a mirror up to them, and they didn’t like what they saw would be the only reasonable answer I could think of.

    • They see an easy story in headlines such as “This movie glorifies violence and makes light of the mental health issues that are serious, and not just for movie exploitation”. I thought it was a fantastic movie (a first for almost any DC movie since The Dark Knight for me) and if anything, I took from it that it shows what can happen when someone who desperately needs help, is ignored and doesn’t get it.

    • This video is meant to be humorous and fairly self aware. It opens up with Tim Rogers saying that he is coming to you today with an “Opinion Emergency” and then talking about how terrible the joker is by referencing everything including a joker across movies and games including Joker from Persona 5.

    • Just the usual nonsense, sensationalism, misinterpretation and knee jerk reactions.

      It basically boils down to the fact that various groups of people don’t really get what they’re seeing and therefore see what they want.
      From all unbiased accounts it’s a fairly deep film but a lot of it’s themes may be lost on a lot of folks.

    • I saw a comic that implied “the media” keep harping on about potential shootings because they really want one so they can do the regular media circus and get sweet clicks
      and honestly it’s getting hard to disagree with that idea

      • They don’t need to harp on.

        Record numbers in the US this year, NZ.

        Far right terrorist attacks are increasingly more common.

        • Interesting that you’re the first and only person to bring up left/right in this whole article/comment section.

          But for an actual apples to apples comparison here, how many cinema shootings have their been this year? How many have there been since Aurora (7 years ago)?

          • I’m not sure that commenter was trying to be particularly political, but simply stating a fact? Far-right terrorism IS on the rise. Even if you are right-wing and find that well-documented fact inconvenient, it doesn’t make it any less true.

          • So is left wing terrorism. the only difference is that the left somehow hasn’t killed anyone yet with their king hits. the world in general is getting crazier and people are coming out of the woodwork literally left and right to do damage.

          • Ah right, “only” that tiny, minuscule difference. Some literally mow down dozens of people at once. The others, throw punches and milkshakes. Basically the same! Both sides, people!

          • oh right because no one has died they are totally okay. it’s fine to run around beating people for having different opinions as long as they don’t die right?

          • I dunno man, not having inspired any mass killings seems like a pretty significant difference to me.

          • Where did I say that “it’s ok”? I was denouncing the idea that it’s comparable to murder, let alone mass murder. False equivalencies make whatever point you’re trying to make weaker.

          • It sure is if you class any terrorist with slightly conservative views as “Far Right”

            Do you want to know what is on the rise? Media reporting on these situations injecting Orange man bad in terrorist attacks when it doesn’t need to be there.

          • Ooookay? If you insist, I could call them just “conservatives”, then. I honestly thought that by saying “far” right I was doing y’all the courtesy of only singling the extremists within your political affiliation, but I’ll gladly extend the blanket if that’s what you want.

          • Are you saying that ‘slightly conservative’ motivated shootings are on the rise then? Does that mean that white supremacy is just a ‘slightly conservative’ issue?
            This is not meant to be a ‘gotcha’ sort of comment, I’m just genuinely confused as to why you would say that these people committing a lot of these shootings aren’t far right.

          • are you saying that every shooter labelled far right had white supremacist views? you have to be careful because sometimes the terms far right etc are plastered onto people by the media falsely then quietly retracted hours later when nobody is watching.

            I don’t pay much attention to mass shooters mostly because the motives and/or beliefs of someone that would commit such an act are irrelevant to me and i think listening to them or even publishing them plays into the power fantasy of the shithead in question. That being said the argument between left/right terrorism and more specifically body count seems to boil down to the left just being really ineffectual, not for lack of trying they just seem to always fail.

    • As far as I know, the recoil is not so much about the movie but about its director saying some stupid crap about having to make edgy movies because wokeness killed comedy or something like that.

      • You clearly haven’t been following this saga at all.

        The screeching from the woke brigade started long before his truth bomb on modern day comedy.

        • “Truth”? So it’s impossible to make comedy unless you’re offending someone?

          Better inform Netflix to cancel the Good Place so they stop embarrassing themselves with this failure of

          *check notes*

          most popular comedy show of the latest years.

          • If you are offended by a comedians joke that’s your problem not theirs.

            No one is immune from mockery.

            Cancel culture is a stain on our society.

          • But we’re not talking about me. My capacity or lack thereof to be offended is irrelevant. I’m condemning the frankly hilarious (if somewhat sad and pathetic at the same time) concept that comedy has to be offensive in order to exist.

            Regardless of your position on the “offended snowflakes” or whatever you want to call people who’d rather not glorify bigots just because they’re “funny”, could you not agree that comedy does not /need/ to be offensive to be successfully humorous?

          • I also love how you are acting like the comments he made very recently are somehow the cause of the months long brigade by certain parts of the media to bring down this movie for no apparent reason other than their infantile obsession with incels.

            It’s almost like you are intentionally obfuscating the whole saga to paint it like it’s the entire fault of the director and not faux journalists with political agendas trying to actively bring down the movie.

          • I’m not obfuscating anything. What I said in my first comment is genuinely the extent of my knowledge on the matter, as I stated (“as far as I know”).

            But since you mention it, is concern regarding incels truly “infantile” when they are undeniable becoming a force of hatred and destruction in our society? I’m sure you’ve seen the manifest of the German shooter, right?

  • Taxi Driver, the DC comics version.

    It was an okay film, which was probably more impressive with what it did with a comicbook character than what it actually is.

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