Ultron’s Back And Ready To Get Downright Virtual In The New Trailer For Avengers: Damage Control

There are no strings on him. But there’s gonna be plenty of strings connecting your VR headset and backpack up in order to actually play Avengers: Damage Control.

After announcing the new collaboration with ILMxLAB last week, Marvel has revealed a closer look at its upcoming location-based VR experience Avengers: Damage Control. The premise is that players — via the medium of their oversized backpacks and VR headsets — will step into one of the multiple Wakandan outreach stations established by T’Challa at the end of Black Panther, trying out new emergency response suits designed by Shuri (Letitia Wright, reprising her role from the movies).

Naturally — because being Shuri’s guinea pig, while fun, does not an action packed experience make — things will very quickly go horribly wrong and you’ll have to work together with several of the MCU’s finest superheroes to battle a familiar threat: a returned Ultron!

As well as Wright, Damage Control will feature vocal performances from Benedict Cumberbatch, Evangeline Lily, and Paul Rudd, all reprising their roles as Doctor Strange, the Wasp and Ant-Man respectively. But aside from revealing Ultron as the experience’s big bad, the above trailer also throws in a few more Marvel heroes, like Spider-Man, the Hulk, Falcon, and T’Challa — but Marvel has yet to confirm if they are being voiced by their MCU counterparts or by soundalike actors.

Still, it looks like everything you’d actually want out of a Marvel VR experience: working with big movie heroes, a cool foe to beat the hell out of, and a suit that lets you do all sorts of wonderful superhero things, like flying around shooting laser beams out of your hands or projecting energy shields. Big explosive dumb fun!

Those suits being a hybrid of Wakandan Design Group and Stark Industries tech still bother the hell out of me though. Shuri knows better.

Tickets to book Avengers: Damage Control at select VOID VR locations in the U.S. are available now, ahead of the VR experience’s kickoff date, October 18.

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