This Week In Games: Tony Hawk’s Back

This Week In Games: Tony Hawk’s Back
Image: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
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Finally, the legend returns.

The original Tony Hawk games are still some of the greatest games ever released. A remaster — a proper remaster — has been demanded for so long that even Tony Hawk himself was publicly lobbying Activision to make it happen.

This week, we all get to see the fruits of their labour. Based on the Warehouse demo, it’s pretty damn good already. Some people have already found ways to rack up literally hundreds of millions of points within the two minute timer, which is certainly more than I’ll ever get. And that’s on a mouse and keyboard, too.

Just look at how damn smooth and crisp that game is in motion. Splendid.

Of course, Tony Hawk isn’t alone this week. Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers is finally out, and hopefully with a little more contextual oomph than what was in the beta. I’m still curious to see how the end game stuff pans out. Also, Ms. Marvel is an absolute boss, and she’s probably the most fun of the characters mechanically. So fingers crossed that turns out well.

Elsewhere, there’s also Iron Harvest, the Company of Heroes-esque RTS game inspired by the world of Scythe. I’m not expecting this to revamp or repopularise the RTS genre, but for fans of these types of games, the campaign should be some cracking steampunk fun. Also, there’s Crusader Kings 3 — for New Zealanders, at least, and hopefully for Australians if the age issue problem gets sorted. There’s also a ton of new VR games too, including a real intriguing experience called Bodyless.

Here’s what to expect from This Week In Games:

this week in games
Image: Iron Harvest 1920+
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 | PC, PS4, Xbox
  • Marvel’s Avengers | PC, PS4, Xbox
  • Iron Harvest 1920+ | PC 
  • NBA 2K 2021 | PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch
  • Ary and the Secret of Seasons | Switch, Xbox, PC
  • MX vs ATV All Out | Switch
  • Piffle | Switch
  • Mask of Mists | Switch, Xbox
  • Lucah: Born of a Dream | Switch
  • Here Be Dragons | Switch 
  • Spinch | Switch
  • Paradise Killer | Switch
  • Batu Ta Batu | Switch, Xbox
  • Total War: Three Kingdoms – The Furious Wild | PC
  • Total War Three Kingdoms – Shi Xie | PC
  • WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship | PC, PS4, Xbox
  • Combat Mission Shock Force 2 | PC
  • SCP: The Foundation | PC
  • Firefly | PC
  • K’nife Fight | PC
  • Battle Command | PC 
  • iB Cricket | PC VR
  • Time Break Chronicles | PC 
  • Bodyless | PC VR
  • Stride | PC VR

Onto the trailers! We’ll begin with a reminder of what Total War Three Kingdoms has coming out this week.

Definitely plenty to absorb this week, and a good one if anyone has some time off. Tony Hawk is going to be an absolute blast, but Iron HarvestAvengersNBA 2K 2021 and the Total War Three Kingdoms DLC will definitely keep everyone going for ages.

What are you picking up this week?


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