What Would You Call The Next Xbox?

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We're about a year away from the next generation of consoles, and while Sony's plans for the PlayStation 5 are pretty straightforward, we don't know what the next Xbox is called.

So, what would you call it?

Microsoft has traditionally gone with numbers for all of their generational jumps, even though there's been a fair amount of variation in their hardware codenames (Scarlett, Scorpio, Durango, Xenon, and Natal for example). Numbers have been the way to go over the last decade with the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One, although Microsoft has never spelled the number out.

So it's a bit of a mixed track record when guessing what the next Xbox will be. Sony has it easy: the PlayStation 5 makes a lot of sense.

But what about the next Xbox? I put the call out internally and externally to see what ideas people had. A fair few bet on the idea that Microsoft would wipe the slate clean altogether, simply naming the console Xbox. Others figured Big Green would keep things simple with Xbox 2, avoiding the mass market confusion that plagued the Wii U.

Being Friday, a few took the opportunity to shitpost about the Dreamcast, adding more X's to the name, or just stealing Sony's thunder by adding a 5, which I'm all here for.

Other suggestions from the Kotaku Australia offices were, shall we say, less than helpful:

  • xBOx Straight Edge Hardcore Edition
  • Xbox System Update Required
  • Xbox Pro Max
  • SE Xbox / Xbox SE
  • X-BOX
  • Lil Box X
  • Xobx

Personally, I hope they bugger the numbers off altogether. Don't just call it an Xbox, because people already call the Xbox One an "Xbox". Gamers will know there's new hardware, and you'll see it on every billboard, cinema ad, bus and every website, but the families and households that make up a large chunk of the audience over the lifecycle of a generation could get confused.

So throw caution to the wind. Go with letters or numbers that aren't just a straight iteration. Xbox N or Xbox 2020. Even Xbox 20 could work. It's a bit Windows-esque, but at least it's aurally distinct from the Xbox/Xbox One era, which helps on a showroom floor.

Or, hell, actually just keep the codename. Xbox Scarlett. It worked for Untitled Goose Game.

What would you call the next Xbox?


    Super Xbox Fighter IV Champion Edition Turbo: Hyper Fighting Arcade Prologue Prime.

    Call it "Xbox"

    Name console hardware revisions by some form of performance or revision metric.

    I mentioned this before, but I'll be surprised if it isn't Xbox Infinite. Both 360 and One have been plays on something thats all encompassing. Plus, it matches the next Halo's branding.

    Joke answer: XBox Box Revolution.

      But then what do they call the one after that? "XBox Infinite + 1"? There's nowhere left to go!

    Xbox Two.

    Bite the bullet, Microsoft, you sad, trendster-wannabe hacks.
    Stop trying to be hip with the kids already! No-one called the Xbone 'The One' like you wanted, and whatever new tryhard bullshit you attempt is going to get flipped back on you, too. Few things are as uncool as trying to be cool.

      The only thing worse than MS trying to be call and hoping people would call it 'The One', was actually hearing someone drop that one down in casual conversation like it was nothing.

      I heard one person actually refer to it as 'The One', and the cringe was so bad I think I puked a little bit in my mouth....

        That's still one of my favourite memories about the launch.

        MS: We give you, the Xbox One!!

        Everybody: Whooo Xbone!!

        MS: Oh, well we actually hoped you would all call it "The One"

        Everybody: Xbone it is, whoooo!!

      I like this... Because then I can happily butcher it to something insane like XbowT.

    Seeing as Nexbox and similar were immediately taken.
    Xbox One Again

    Microsoft Xbox 365 for Entertainment and Media.

    Cos that`s how they roll in business applications...

    Personally, I like the rumoured names that surfaced around the Xbox One announcement, that for a long time it was going to be called Xbox Infinity, and then the next one would be Xbox Beyond.

    XBox 420 24/7

    Side note:

    We're about a year away from the next generation of consoles, and while Sony's plans for the PlayStation 5 are pretty straightforward

    I hope their plans include changing the aesthetics for the thing. Because holy crap the design current looks awful. I despise the trend to make home entertainment devices in weird shapes that don't stack well will other devices.

    Gimme the old style home electronics where you could buy an amp, or a CD player or a VHS and they'd all stack neatly because they were all basically the same dimensions. If they want to make a radically different PS5 (or Xbox 420) then call that a special edition and charge a premium for it.

    Obviously must be XXXX or 4 X for short.

    And Australian ads can run "You thibk you've seen the best gaming console? Microsoft says "Hold my XXXX".

    XBOX (infinite symbol)

    I like the tweet from @kermitronX Box One X 2
    Or XBOX2 for short.
    I thought about Xbox 20 and keeping it tied to the year thing, but then I said it out loud and remembered the band Matchbox 20, so that's out.
    Xbox infinite sounds like a reasonable bet, also.
    IF they end up keeping full backwards compatibility with Xbox One games (including the 360 games that have that) then I could see them simplifying to just Xbox.

      They could do the themesong or power on music. Imagine the joy of hearing Matchbox 20 every time you turned on your Xbox 20...

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