New Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Trailer Shows His Redesigned Face


    That looks a lot better

      WAY WAY better. And the bit at the start, where he is on his own world, and he matches it is a nice touch.

    I wish the Pokemon company would take note of what happened here right now...

    I hate to be a contrarian... but I liked the other version more.

    It’s kind of like... cartoon sonic suits his cartoon world. But the real world? His look breaks so many rules.

    I’d liken it to Wind Waker Link existing in a Twilight Princess world. It’d just feel... strange.

      Honestly, I don't think the plot should have revolved around a cartoon character in the real world in the first place. It's such a hackneyed, tropey concept. Realistically, it was probably chosen because they can save budget on CG with a mix of real-world actors and animation.
      If I had to pick though, cartoon Sonic. Real world Sonic is a creeper.

      It's not like the original design was a realistic depiction of a hedgehog, it still looked like a cartoon.

      At least they tweaked it so he has two eyes instead of two pupils on one giant eyeball, that would have killed it for me completely.

      So his new looks break rules, But not that fact he is an anthropomorphic hedgehog who can break the laws of physics.

    Random great wall of China shot. Bet they got financing from China.

      Well, they lost all that funding from the US Dental Association. Gotta make up the shortfall somewhere.

      So are the Pyramids and the Eiffel Tower.
      They prob got investments from a lot of on places but it looks like it's one of those round the world deals where they use famous landmarks for reference.

    Yep this is more better than the original trailer Sonic's redesigned face is more better than ever Paramount Pictures and SEGA have a done wonderful job redesigning his face and Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik that's even better I love Sonic's speed and the gold rings he collects just like in the original retro game and even though I'm a huge Sonic fan I definitely can't wait to see the Sonic The Hedgehog in cinemas next year a big shoutout to Paramount Pictures and SEGA you guys are awesome and you've done a fantastic job redesigning his face.
    I appreciate that this is definitely more better than the original trailer.

    So much better, well done to the designers for making it right.

    I'm not expecting great things from this film but I might actually go and see it in cinemas now.

      And well done to the director for halting a travesty in its tracks and spending the time and money to fix the problems rather than attack the fans and then release the original version anyway. I'm not sure that I like the way the trailer makes Sonic look completely awesome and flawless in every way ("Gary Stue?" keeps floating in the back of my head) but I might still take the family to see it. I'm sure my son would enjoy it, regardless.

        I suspect it was the producers decision rather than the directors. But the same logic applies. Props to whoever it was for making the decision to fix it.

          My mistake. Thanks for the correction.

    Wow. Looks like they might've actually pulled it off.

    Looks so much better. Not just the face but the whole body proportions (and socks and gloves!).

    They have revealed they got the guy who did the character and animation design for Sonic Mania (Tyson Hesse) to lead the redesign team. Really good call.

    I have to say I dig the way they managed to reference Sonic's iconic uni-eyeball without actually making it an uni-eyeball, which may have been too freakish in 3D.

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