PUMA Would Like To Sell You $160 Gaming 'Socks'

Image: PUMA

Have you ever played a console game and blamed your footwear? No? Well, PUMA has a $160 solution for you anyway.

They're called "Active Gaming Footwear," or as the description page says, gaming socks. "Created with console gamers in mind, the gaming sock is the first edition Active Gaming Footwear," the description says.

Supposedly, and it's not quite explained how this works, the socks (or shoes?) support console gamers with the following features:

  • Medial wrap-up grip in SEEK mode
  • Lateral wrap-up support in ATTACK mode
  • Heel wrap-up stability in CRUISE and DEFENCE mode

The shoes are the ones that appeared in PUMA's Game Seat ad, so at least there's some kind of consistency there. PUMA adds that the shoes - or socks - are designed for "indoor and in-arena use," which is a fancy way of saying you can probably wear these outdoors. You'll still look like you're on your way to the gym, but that's an aesthetic that works for some, so each to their own.

The price sounds high, but it's about the same as PUMA's other creations. They're listed for both men and women, although that doesn't really answer the important question: do people really spend that much time wearing shoes while console gaming that you'd want a specialist set of shoes?

But the real question that needs answering:

More info here on the PUMA website if you're curious. If you do buy, just note that the Christmas cutoff was yesterday, so they won't arrive before Christmas. Sorry, I guess?


    Ha, I actually really like them. Might grab a pair.

    Not as “GaMiNg sHoEz”... but for bumming around in.

    Looks like something that might be useful for a sim racer, but not much else.

    they look disgusting. knowing how gamers are, these would be brown and fetid in a week.

    Can anyone tell me why they're only avail in Australia? It's a mystery that's nagging me.

    US Reader

      It's the AU site, which is a separate portal to the US. But from what I can see, they're not available there either, so they might be using Australia as a test market? Not sure.

    Sheesh! As of posting, Amazon have a pair of "Quick-Dry Minimal Beach Aqua Shoes" that look almost identical to this, for about $18 delivered with Prime.

    send praise to the gods of capitalism for sending such a beautiful, necessary, and affordable product down from the great ivory tower in the sky. truly, we are blessed.

    I think they're missing a lot of marketing potential by not calling them tactical moccasins.

    I could be down for a sock with a decent sole for Sim racing and general bumming around the house I guess, but im still left with wut

    These could actually be decent alternatives to deadlift slippers... free advice to Puma, put these in the training category and they'll sell.

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