Puma Has Made Gaming Footwear For Some Reason

Screenshot: Puma

Puma has decided to make gaming shoes that are “sock-like,” “comfortable,” “lightweight,” and “grippy.” According to Puma, the shoes are the perfect gaming tool for arena and home use. OK!

There are loads of wonderful sneakers from numerous shoe companies, and I am not convinced that gaming footwear is anything less than a cash grab.

What’s the best gaming footwear for home use? Probably socks! For arena use? Probably any comfortable shoes that you love.

Maybe competitive music game players will find a use for these or VR players on just waxed floors will. But for everyone else, it’s hard to see the point.


    Puma are very well known for making specialist motorsport shoes. Particularly for F1, rally etc. Therefore, I'm assuming these are for people with full-blown racing rigs. The grip would work way better on race pedals than your suggestion of socks.

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