Resident Evil 3 Remake Announced, Out In April

Nemesis returns to terrorise Resident Evil fans all over again. During this morning’s PlayStation State of Play presentation, Capcom confirmed the rumoured Resident Evil 3 remake is coming to PlayStation 4 on April 20, bundled together with the four-versus-one Resident Evil Resistance multiplayer game.

The remake was introduced during the presentation as the unannounced single-player campaign for Project Resistance, the online multiplayer game announced by Capcom back in September. As it turns out, Project Resistance, now known as Resident Evil Resistance, is a multiplayer mode for a game fans actually wanted. Clever.

I can’t wait for April, when someone at Kotaku other than my scaredy-cat arse can help her:

avoid him:


    Yay! I hope I can get this free with a graphics card when it eventually comes to PC.

      That's exactly how I got 2. I would've paid full price for it, tbh

        I got RE2 and DMC5 with a card, its nice to get actually good games with your graphics card. Made the card feel like it was 80 bucks cheaper because of how good the games were.

          Those were my two choices, as well. I got a great deal on a RX580 and the free games made it feel like a steal.

    Have they tried to make Jill look a bit like Milla Jovovich?

      I got the same impression from that screenshot, less so from the trailer itself.

      Was actually thinking that she looks a bit like Sienna Guillory from the movies. Kind of a nice touch if they actually did.

        Ah, you are right, she looks even more like Sienna!

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