Australian Streamers Raise Over $350,000 For Bushfire Relief

Australian Streamers Raise Over $350,000 For Bushfire Relief
Image: Twitch (Loserfruit)

With the longest bushfire season in Australia’s history still ongoing, the internet has rallied around Australia to support our volunteer firefighters in ways the government seemingly could not. Naturally, gamers have gotten behind the cause, and over the last week various streamers and influencers have banded together to raise more than $350,000 for volunteer organisations, shelters and wildlife rescue groups.

The funds are going to different places: some streamers are raising directly for the RFS, CFA and other volunteer firefighters, while others have put money towards not-for-profits like WWF Australia or other shelters for affected people and wildlife.

The biggest individual total so far came from Kathleen “Loserfruit” Belsten, who alongside Nathan “Crayator” Ryan and Fasffy, with the trio raising just over $318,000 for the NSW, Victorian, South Australian and Queensland fire associations, as well as The Red Cross and Wires. The stream originally set out to raise $15,000, a milestone that was surpassed in the first hour. One streamer contributed just over $21,000 by themselves, but many other gamers and fans donated $1,000 or more in a single hit.

“It’s absolutely amazing seeing a global online gaming community come together to support an important cause,” LoserFruit said.

The trio’s efforts were the largest amount raised by local streamers, but the Australian Twitch community has begun a massive outreach from communities large and small. One of the bigger individual efforts came from Mitch Robinson, a player for the Brisbane Lions AFL club and a streamer in his own right, raised just over $15,000 for the Rural Fire Association.

Freak And Geek, two Australian streamers from Melbourne focusing on Mario Maker, raised over $2500 towards koala conservation. AngelMelly, a content creator for Chiefs Esports, raised just over $1,000 for the Red Cross with her own charity stream.

International stars have gotten involved as well. One of the larger contributions came from André “iddqd” Dahlström, a professional Overwatch player, who raised over $12,000 for WWF Australia this morning.

Gamer Aid are launching another fundraising effort through GoFundMe, with just over $7,700 raised at the time of writing. Jamie O’Doherty, a sponsored FIFA player for FUTWIZ and a partnered streamer, turned his following towards GoFundMe as well, raising just over $9,100 for the Victorian Bushfire Disaster Appeal.

The donations will soar even higher in the coming days, with more prominent Australian streamers holding streams later today and throughout the week. GenerOZity, an Australian not-for-profit gaming group that regularly raises funds for charity, has raised just over $8400 already for the CFA and RFS, even though their charity drive doesn’t begin until January 17. (Any streamers who want to contribute to a part of the marathon stream can apply via this form.)


  • It’s so good to see communities reaching deep to help each other out in such a dire crisis. I’ve personally donated direct to the CFS, RFS and a few wildlife foundations in hopes that the money doesn’t get lost in red-tape somewhere.

    I wouldn’t personally donate to a streamer, not out of mistrust of them, but when they on-forward that and people start to charge back the donations, then they’re out of pocket massively. But I do see why they do it, large numbers coming in can attract others to donate as well.

  • Fiancé and I watched almost the entirety of Fruity’s stream, love that whole crew and so infinitely proud of what they’ve done. They’ve come from little communities and brought so many people together with their banter, charm and genuine love of their fans.

    Want to also give props to Muselk, Liv, Baz, Marcus, and lazerbeam for all being there too

    And looking forward to that little movie cameo Lazerbeam has coming too

  • Keep those donations coming for the bushfire affected victims who not only lost their homes during those out of control bushfires but also those who lost their loved ones who chose to stay and defend their property and please help rebuild our shattered lives by providing enough donations to provide emergency relief not just for us humans but also for our bushfire affected farmers who either lost or are about to lose their livestock with no bales of hay and no water to keep their livestock alive and please do help our firefighters as well.

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