Sydney’s Hosting A Free Gaming Festival Tomorrow

You don’t see many video game exhibits around the centre of Sydney, but this weekend that’ll change with a one-day pop up exhibition featuring a suite of intriguing games.

The festival is Serenade, and its taking place this Saturday at 107, a cultural space in Sydney’s Redfern for artists and experimental exhibitions.

The exhibition will feature 16 different short games, focusing on dating, the black comedy in breakups, retro comics, childhood memories, making new friendships, cooking and other reflective pieces.

Almost all the games are made by developers from Australia’s east coast, with a couple of games developed or co-developed from the United States and Singapore. Entry to the exhibition, which opens from 12:00pm, is free.

Here’s the full list of every game on show.

  • A Month To Look At The Moon – Lenny Magner (QLD, AUS)
  • Adventure Boy Jailbreak – Paul Georghiou (NSW, AUS)
  • Amberial Dreams – oddgoo (NSW, AUS)
  • Am I Making Sense? – Tegan Webb (VIC, AUS)
  • Become – Duncan Corrigan, Kaveh Tabar & George Mak (NSW, AUS)
  • Compass Points – Gemma Mahadeo (VIC, AUS)
  • Endless Scroll – Cecile Richard (VIC, AUS)
  • Every Brick Laid – Fenreliania (NSW, AUS)
  • Everybody’s Sad – puncta (USA)
  • First Date Can’t Relate – Ruqiyah (ACT, AUS)
  • Grass Mud Horse by Toby Do, Emi Schaufeld, and Julia Wang (USA)
  • Irori – Pomepomelo (Daum, Jewell and Zhi) (NSW, AUS, Singapore)
  • Ode to My Hometown’s Craft Fair – Samantha E. Schaffer (SA, AUS, USA)
  • Pigeon Game – Leura Smith (VIC, AUS)
  • Symposium of Grief – T-Dog-Extreme (VIC, AUS)
  • Wibble Wobble Multiplayer – Daniel Linssen (NSW, AUS)

“So much more creativity, vulnerability and experimentation is possible in games and we don’t often get to see it here,” the creators of Serenade said.

If you can’t make it to the exhibition, a full list of links for all the games can be found on the Serenade website. The exhibition will be open until 10.30pm on Saturday, and is a five minute walk from Redfern Station.

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