Nintendo Is Releasing An Animal Crossing Switch, And It Is Beautiful

To tie in with the release of New Horizons, Nintendo is releasing this new themed Switch console in March that has very strong animal vacation vibes.

From the Nooks on the dock to the ocean-coloured Joy-Cons, this is a beautiful console.

There’s also an Animal Crossing motif on the back of the Switch itself.

There’s even a matching carry case (that’s sold separately).

Nintendo Switch: Animal Crossing New Horizons Australian Price & Release Date

It goes on sale in Australia on March 20 for $469.95.


    I've seen so many people holding out for this. Looks beautiful.

      As in - not buying a switch for three years in anticipation of this?

      I mean, I sort of wish I had...

    I really hope they do a pro controller design. I'm having a hard time justifying getting another console, when mine sits behind a cupboard door and I never really see it...

    I wonder if you will be able to purchase the controllers separately instead of those other god awful colour combinations??...

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