Crash Bandicoot Is Now A Mobile Runner

People were super keen for the idea of a Crash Bandicoot sequel, but a Crash endless runner probably isn’t what they had in mind.

Users online discovered a listing for a Crash Bandicoot spin-off from King, Activision’s mobile studio and the makers of Candy Crush. It was revealed from ads on Facebook, although the Facebook group isn’t live at the time of writing.

The existence of a Crash runner on mobile doesn’t mean another Crash sequel isn’t coming. Activision has spoken about bringing more of their IP to mobile in the past – Diablo Immortal being a good example – as a way to complement their premium games. Crash Bandicoot Mobile would fit nicely into that strategy: get people hyped with a mobile runner, then advertise a new Crash during E3 or one of PlayStation’s briefings.

At the very least, Crash’s model looks alright. A full description of the game, from the Storemaven listing, is below:


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