EA Hikes Up PC Game Prices, But Only On Steam

Yesterday, EA raised the prices on a whole bunch of games across a whole bunch of regions on Steam, making some of them cost almost twice as much on Valve’s store as they do on EA’s own Origin marketplace.

While the price of EA games on Steam remains unchanged in the US, everywhere from the UK to South Korea to Singapore to Mexico to, well, most of Europe has seen increases.

What’s bizarre about the move is that it’s totally inconsistent. Some countries have seen price increases for one game but decreases for another, and the moves are far too volatile to be simply a matter of adjusting to local currency fluctuations.

As MJuniorDC9 noted today, in some cases game prices have almost doubled. SimCity 4 is now R$80 instead of R$35 in Brazil, while in Russia the Mass Effect Collection that was ₽800 is now ₽1700. 

About the only game not affected is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the game that got EA back on Steam in the first place.


    Is this a case of them entering the US dollar amount in the local currency field?

    Years ago I would never buy a 2K games and Bethesda game on Steam cause of this error was common.

    As MJuniorDC9 noted today, in some cases game prices have almost doubled.

    "Almost doubled", then proceeds to give 2 examples where it more than doubles :P

    Couldn't this be classified as anti-competitive behaviour?

    It would be like if a farmer opened there own grocery store and sold apples at 1$ but then upped the prices for coles and Wolies to 3$.

    Imagine being a person who still feels the need to buy games from Electronic Arts. The company has painted itself into a corner, which is incredibly obvious everytime there's an "Electronic Arts sale" and you can see the games available under the brand. The only situation more depressing is Activision.

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