Tokyo Could Be Getting A New Harry Potter Theme Park By 2023

Tokyo Could Be Getting A New Harry Potter Theme Park By 2023
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A new Harry Potter theme park is on the way for Tokyo, with plans to open the mystery park in autumn 2023.

As reported by Japan Forward and Straits Times, Warner Bros. and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government are in talks to establish a new Harry Potter theme park on the defunct Toshimaen park which first opened in 1926.

Exact plans aren’t finalised, but the park will reportedly be inspired by the ‘Making of Harry Potter’ Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London. It aims to revitalise the declining popularity and competition among theme parks in Japan.

If these plans go ahead, one of the park’s larger competitors will, ironically, also be Harry Potter-themed. Universal Studios Japan is currently home to the ‘Wizarding World of Harry Potter’, an installation that replicates key locations from the world of Harry Potter.

Universal Studios Japan is located in Osaka, only a three hour train ride from Roppongi, where the new theme park would be located. How the two parks will be differ remains to be seen. Another important competitor is Tokyo Disneyland, located less than an hour away.

Harry Potter remains a significant draw card in Japan, and would likely be a popular attraction. Universal Studio Osaka’s ‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ kicked off a theme park renaissance when it opened in 2014, leading to record ticket sales. It remains a popular tourist destination.

While the new theme park is still in the planning, we can expect major international interest if it meets its planned autumn 2023 open. According to Variety, a more official announcement will be made sometime this autumn.

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