Someone Accurately Recreated Red Dead Online In Dreams

Someone Accurately Recreated Red Dead Online In Dreams
Gif: iferraz2, <a href="">Reddit</a>

Red Dead Online is a game that has improved a lot since it first launched back in late 2018. But it still has some issues. One of the most annoying is how often players get kicked from the game, often randomly with no warning. Someone recreated that experience in Dreams.

Using Dreams, PlayStation user RikisCafe created this piece of art that, admittedly, only people who play Red Dead Online will truly understand. Reddit user iferraz2 shared the wonderful creation on the RDO subreddit.

It’s simple, but effective. Players boot up the game and find a cowboy, who they control. You can walk around as said cowboy for a few seconds befo-


As I said, Red Dead Online has improved a lot in the last 12 months or so. More content, improved controls, and more progression. However, disconnects, missing animals, problems with player camps and long loading times are still a daily issue for most players, including myself.

Maybe one-day Rockstar will get RDO working more consistently. And if that happens, those who are nostalgic for the less stable days can always boot up this small Dreams creation to experience Red Dead Online and its annoying disconnects.

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