I Love The New Monster Energy Ultra Flavours

I Love The New Monster Energy Ultra Flavours

Back in late February, two new Monster Energy Ultra flavours were released into the wild. They started popping up in gas stations, Walmarts, and other stores across the United States. Finally, they have appeared in my home state of Kansas. And I’m so happy they have arrived.

While I review a lot of sodas and energy drinks on this here website, I don’t drink them all that much outside of work. With one big, huge exception. The zero sugar Monster drinks are like morning coffee for me. During the weekends, I’ll drink one each morning while I work. I’ve done it for so long now that I need it. It is a part of my morning ritual. So I was way too excited to get some new Ultra flavours to add to my weekend mornings.

And lucky for me, these are some damn good energy drinks.

I love the colour pink. Currently, in The Division 2, my main character is decked out in full pink gear. He is also wearing a floral island shirt and similar pants and a captain hat. I call him The Captain. Others do too, I assume. He’s a cool dude.

So when I saw these two new flavours, Ultra Rosa and Ultra Fiesta, I got very happy. This is a weird feeling to have after seeing cans of energy drinks, I’ll admit. But they are just so dang pretty. I mean look at that pink can! It’s one of the best looking soda cans I’ve seen. In a world where shit like Coke Energy is being sold in ugly, terrible and boring cans, Ultra Rosa is here to remind us all (and by all I mean soda companies.) that you can do better if you just tried a little harder!


Ultra Rosa (The Pink One)

The first flavour I tried was, of course, Ultra Rosa. And I was surprised by the flavour. It tasted a lot like the Monster Energy Ultra Zero flavour. The one in the white can. But, with a new hint of fruity-ness. But not a distinct fruit. It is honestly hard to put my finger on what it tastes like, but I like it a lot.

According to the pretty can, it seems to be grapefruit. And I guess that sounds right? The can also lists things that Ultra Rosa isn’t. It ain’t strawberries or pink lemonade, it says. This is an odd way to advertise your product, but it’s also accurate. This new pink Monster ain’t any of that stuff. It is very good though. I will be adding it to my morning Monster rotations.

If you like energy drinks that have that energy drink BITE, that sting in your mouth mixed with some bright flavour that lingers afterward, Ultra Rosa is for you. However, if you prefer something less intense, then you might want to try…


Ultra Fiesta (The Blue One)

…Ultra Fiesta. Sorry I made you wait to get to the end of my last sentence. Anyways, yes, if you like energy drinks but don’t like how intense some of them are, then Ultra Fiesta might be perfect for you!

Unlike Rosa, Fiesta has a super distinct and easy to explain flavour. We in Mango Country, baby. This new flavour smells, tastes and sounds like mangos. It is filled with mango juice. It is like someone took a mango, they squeezed the mango into this can and then took a hammer and slammed the rest of the mango into the can. Yeah, through that tiny hole at the top of the can. Impressive!

Seriously, you need to love or like or at least not hate mangos to enjoy Fiesta. Personally, I love mangos. Fun to say and they taste good. Drinking Fiesta reminded me of when I was younger and drank bottles of Minute Maid mango juice. Currently, I drink a lot of fruit smoothies and I always dump a lot of mango into the blender. Fiesta tastes like that. It doesn’t have a strong energy drink bite at the start of your sip and the lingering taste in your mouth is also subdued, well, for a Monster. I greatly prefer Rosa, but I’ll drink Fiesta again in the near future.


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