This Isn’t A Real Forest, But Something Made In Dreams

This might look like a slightly out of focus video clip of someone exploring a forest near a river, but this is actually in-game footage of something made in Dreams on PS4.

This amazing Dreams world was created by BadRobo82 and while it seem like something made in Unity or even Unreal, this entire thing was created in Dreams. The trees, the textures, the clouds, the grass, the water in the river, all of it was made in Dreams.

We’ve seen some photorealistic creations in Dreams before, such as a tasty looking breakfast a few months back. But this is one of the most impressive things I’ve seen created in Dreams. And what’s even more impressive is BadRobo82 has made more of these photoreal worlds.

If you check out their Youtube channel, you can find videos showcasing other gorgeous creations. Just last week they uploaded a video of a dense forest creation that also looks near photorealistic.

According to BadRobo82, these creations are currently pushing the game pretty hard. In the tweet sharing their latest level, they explain that the in-game “thermo” is almost full. This is in reference to a thermometer that each Dreams creation has and the more stuff you place in your level or world, the higher the thermo gets. Eventually creators can max it out and will no longer be able to add new items. A high thermo can also lead to some performance issues.

Regardless, it is wild to see someone take the tools found in Dreams and create something that could easily fool most people as being real or at least from a bigger budget game.

Just be careful about including Mario in any of your incredible worlds or levels.

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