A Whole Book About Architecture In Anime

A Whole Book About Architecture In Anime

Anime Architecture is an upcoming book from Volume that is an exploration of, well, architecture in anime, looking at the buildings, cities and designs from some of the biggest films in the medium.

It’s got loads of production and behind-the-scenes material, much of it unseen before now, from movies like Akira, Patlabor (and Patlabor 2!) and Ghost in the Shell.

Those are all older films, and with good reason: the book focuses on the pre-digital age of anime, where backgrounds and environments had to be drawn by hand in the most ridiculously minute detail.

The book will be out at the end of 2020, and you can order it here.


  • Looks fascinating. I’d like to see something similar done for video game architecture. Mirror’s Edge, in particular, is quite interesting both from an architectural and level design perspective.

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