How To Unlock Every Unique Bunny Day Item In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How To Unlock Every Unique Bunny Day Item In Animal Crossing: New Horizons
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Bunny Day is a a new seasonal event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons running from April 1-12 where players can collect various eggs and egg-themed recipes to decorate their islands. While the event culminates in a big celebration on April 12, the days leading up to it feature an Egg Hunt Challenge that you’ll need to master to get every unique seasonal recipe. Here’s how you can unlock every special item during Bunny Day.

You can find a whole bunch of recipes across the twelve days of Bunny Day washed up on your town’s beach or floating on balloons — but the best way to find them is to farm a whole lot of eggs first.

Where To Find Bunny Day Eggs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

bunny day egg guide animal crossing

Once Bunny Day kicks off, you’ll find six different egg types on your island home — Leaf, Earth, Stone, Wood, Sky and Water. Here’s how to find every egg:

  • Leaf Egg: Shake unique egg trees on your island
  • Earth Egg: Dig up holes in the ground
  • Stone Egg: Hit stones with your shovel or axe
  • Wood Egg: Cut trees with an axe
  • Sky Egg: Shoot down rainbow-coloured balloons from the sky with a slingshot
  • Water Egg: Go fishing for medium-sized fish — many of these are eggs in disguise

To get more eggs visit a Mystery Island using Nook Miles Tickets. There, the eggs will be far more plentiful than your town.

How To Unlock Bunny Day Recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Bunny Day recipes can be unlocked through a variety of means, and each one allows you to craft a unique Bunny Day-themed item. There’s Bunny Day beds, fences, crowns, clothing, clocks and more to find — and there’s a bunch of ways you can get them.

  • Talk to villagers: Villagers may gift unique Bunny Day recipes
  • Check your beaches: Recipes will often wash up in bottles on your coast
  • Shoot them from the sky: Some rainbow-ballooned presents will contain recipes
  • Keep collecting eggs: The more eggs you collect, the more likely it is that your villager will have an unique recipe idea
  • Visit your friends’ towns: Your friends may recieve different recipes to you during Bunny Day, so keep your DIY cards and consider trading
  • Visit mystery islands: Mystery islands may have additional messages in bottles or floating presents

Happy Bunny Day, fellow Kotaku readers! We hope you enjoy your plentiful egg bounties.

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