Animal Crossing Update Dials Back The Damn Bunny Day Eggs

Animal Crossing Update Dials Back The Damn Bunny Day Eggs
Screenshot: Nintendo, Kotaku

Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s Bunny Day event replaced a large percentage of the items players harvest to earn bells and craft cool items with stupid coloured eggs. Today’s patch makes the egg drops much less frequent, at least until Easter Sunday.

Since the Bunny Day celebration started last week, trying to collect fish or dig up fossils in New Horizons has sucked. Just last night I fished up seven eggs in a row, cursing louder with every “That’s not an egg”. This morning, following the implementation of update 1.1.4, six out of ten fishing attempts netted me actual fish. That’s progress. It took me 12 axe swings to get a wood egg. I’ve still not dug up an actual fossil instead of an earth egg, but I have high hopes.

According to the patch notes, the update adjusts the appearance rate of eggs through April 11. Players who haven’t gotten sick of eggs by now can collect them with greater frequency on Sunday, April 12, AKA real-world Bunny Day.


  • Oh thank goodness. Sea eggs were driving me nuts, especially after managing to find a big fish island using a Nook Ticket and STILL getting sea eggs 80% of the time. Also so much more peaceful without the 20 egg balloons floating past every minute.

    Though I still don’t see why you’re complaining about the earth eggs. There’s only like 7 of them per day and they spawn in addition to the 4 fossils. Makes it the 2nd least obtrusive after leaf eggs…

    • Yeah. Mystery islands are my last hope for finishing everything earth-egg-related that I have yet to craft.

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