How To Wear Sickness Masks Without Fogging Up Your Glasses

How To Wear Sickness Masks Without Fogging Up Your Glasses
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If you wear glasses like I sometimes do, you’d know that sickness masks fog them up right quick. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has tips on how to avoid that.

The non-fog fix is easy. According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, there are two ways to prevent fogging up: One is to simply fold the top fourth of the mask before wearing it. The second way, if you don’t want to sacrifice mask size, is to put a tissue at the top of the mask over the bridge of your nose. 

ImageTokyo Metropolitan Police Department” loading=”lazy” > Image: Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department

Both are supposed to keep your glasses fogged-up free! The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department issued these tips back in late December for cold and allergy prevention.

The first 26-seconds of the clip below have an easy walkthrough:

Whether it’s trying to avoid a seasonal cold, dealing with pollen allergies or trying to protect oneself from the latest pandemic, you’ll probably be wearing a sickness mask at one point or another—especially right now in Asia. 


  • How about not wearing them. Problem. Solution. Like every single group of medical experts suggests. Not only for their lack of effectiveness in this case, but keep the stocks for the medical staff who need them for way many more reasons, a lot of which are nothing to do with the virus.

  • The term ‘sickness masks’ seems like an odd term that google translate spat out from the original Japanese.

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