The Last Of Us 2’s Biggest Plot Points Have Leaked Online

The Last Of Us 2’s Biggest Plot Points Have Leaked Online

If you were really looking forward to Ellie’s upcoming adventure in Last of Us Part 2, huge PSA: you’ll want to set up spoiler filters now.

Videos leaked online early Monday morning featuring a string of cutscenes, the game’s main menu and fresh gameplay. Part of the cut scenes are very, very spoilery, and while Sony are doing their best to pull down footage quickly, much of it is being reuploaded in various forms across Twitter, YouTube, Streamable and other short-form platforms.

Some of the footage includes a horse-riding scene between Ellie and Dina, who we first saw together in the game’s original reveal, which shows off a lengthy chunk of the game’s menu and a grassy environment. There’s a lengthy cutscene between Joel and Ellie, another gameplay video with content that I won’t reference here because of how big a spoiler it is, and another cutscene that … well, it completely ruins the story.

Three Hours With The Last Of Us Part 2

I emerged from my three-hour The Last of Us Part II demo session tense and anxious, a coiled fire hose of pent-up adrenaline. I’d just piloted a now-19-year-old Ellie through peril after peril, amassing a grisly body count along the way. Few of those kills were clean. Many were desperate knife flurries, death by a thousand sinew-snapping stabs and cuts. Human enemies mourned their fallen comrades, bellowing their names at me with bestial fury while charging to the same pointy end. And yet, after I finished the demo, I walked into a nearby bathroom, stared into a mirror, and asked myself “Did it work? Do I care?”

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The current suspicion is that a disgruntled tester or employee is leaking the footage, since some of what is being posted online – which miserably, I’ve watched to confirm – contains developer messages or prompts. Text at the bottom of the videos notes that the footage was taken from builds of the game in late February and throughout March, depending on the cutscene.

Naughty Dog and Sony will undoubtedly be furious about this, and rightly so. In terms of leaks, this might not be as bad asset-wise as Half-Life 2‘s source code, but if you were keen on the story, the biggest plot points are just floating around online. Take it from me: set some block filters up now, and for god’s sake don’t click on any spoiler threads. You won’t be glad you did.

The Last Of Us II Delayed Indefinitely

The much-anticipated post-apocalyptic adventure game The Last of Us II will be delayed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic, publisher Sony said today.

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    • hahah, god forbid a company who has spent years and years and years and a tonne of money on developing a game, would want to get the most return from investment…

    • factually incorrect statement aside,

      How dare a company be financially motivated and want to maximise their sales. absolutely despicable.

    • Consider the following: The people who might have financially-motivatedly delayed the game don’t give a shit about the game, and just care for the money it makes.
      Consider the following: The people who spent years of man hours and would be most hurt by the leak were likely not the ones who chose to push the release back.

    • What an idiotic statement, OP. Naughty Dog is one of the more decent studios out there and they don’t deserve this crap. And stop crying about the delay, you big baby. I’ll rather wait another 6 months or even a year if I have to, knowing that the product I get wasn’t rushed. Just grow up.

  • as i understand it the major reason for the indefinite delay of the game was they didn’t want some players getting it sooner than others because of shipping logistics, so everyone gets to experience the story at the same time.

    guess we’re good to go now?

  • I’ve read the plot summary. It’s some of the most pretentious garbage I’ve ever read. If you loved everything the first game stood for, you’ll hate this game. Then again, Neil Druckman did say the first game was about love while this one is about hate. And while I was fine with the initial “wokeness” this series took on, Naughty Dog has baited us and has secretly gone full “Go woke or go broke” with this game. I’m still going to buy it tho….cos what the hell this game is easily gonna be one of the best games of the year, gameplay wise that is.

    • Here’s what bothers me about this game culture narrative of hating on what’s “woke”

      It’s always some closed minded dude writing these comments. Like what was sooooo “woke” about a character in a video game being gay? Like when you write a story, you always want to be original with your story. They set the series up for a direction that makes them unique and opens them up for character development and subplots.

      Yall gotta really chill on your hyper idelogical viewpoints that makes any story that has characters of a different orientation out to be this evil “woke” gay agenda being shoved down you helpless innocent gamers throats.

      Like fuck off with that bullshit man. Not all of us want to play the same fucking john doe macho 1 dimensional call of duty, PUBG, or whatever other character that yall never complain about, but is constantly overdone.

      Seriously. The gaming community is the most entitled, authoritative, group of babies that exists. Like out of every single hobby or sport, the video gaming community has the most toxic shittiest people. Like yall complain about “wokness” forced on you, yet here you are try to dictate how SOMEONE ELSE’S art is supposed to be made. You want to force YOUR opinion on someone else’s ART.

      You want a story to go the way YOU want it to? Go make your own video games then.

  • Whilst it sucks for them, it is a risk they would have knowingly taken with delaying the game because of covid-19.

  • Some of the footage includes…

    My stomach dropped went I started to read this sentence and I stopped reading the article immediately.

    Did this article really just detail what the leaked footage includes? I came to this post hoping for info on how the leak might have happened and also maybe a recommendation on how to set up a spoiler filter (never done it before).

    If I over reacted and it doesn’t discuss the spoilers then I apologise for jumping the gun. But that sentence sure suggests it was about to… Now excuse me while I Google how to filter spoilers.

      • Ok phew. I thought it would be uncharacteristic if Alex to just drop spoilers, but at this point I don’t want to risk it.

    • As much as I don’t want to spoil it for myself (had Han Solo’s death spoiled to me, wasn’t fun), I’m also very curious. Spoil or not to spoil, oh, what a dilemma!

  • If it was one of the testers, as a tester I want to punch that prick right in the goolies. It’s dipshits like them that cause people to think testers are lazy and trustworthy. Rustlin’ my jimmies.
    I hope they find them, and hit them everything they can.

  • If those spoilers are true.
    Im kinda glad my heart was broken by some asshole spoiling it, rather than playing it and experiencing it myself.
    Sadly i had already pre ordered the game.

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