Here’s A Great Reason To Replay The Original Unreal

Here’s A Great Reason To Replay The Original Unreal

We’re all about to get a healthy chunk of time off, more of it to ourselves than we’d normally get over the Easter break. So it’s a good time to fill the void with video games, especially classics that have just gotten a massive fan-made updates.

Unreal Evolution is a new mod for Epic’s ground-breaking shooter from the creator behind the GMDX Deus Ex mod. Unreal was always a game in need of a bit of fan love: it was a stunner back in the day with some great enemy variants, but the game had lots of rough edges.

Unreal Evolution fixes those. The lighting is improved. Players now have access to a dedicated dodge key. Enemy placement is better, bigger enemies have new attacks, improved AI, new textures and effects, an improved audio design, some levels are bigger, and there’s secret areas to discover.

And there’s so much more. You can modify weapons, see weapon stats, a new autosave system has been implemented, there’s a hardcore difficulty mode, key bugs have been fixed, and the whole mod is compatible with any existing Unreal texture mods. Even small things like crouching have been improved. In the original Unreal, crouching didn’t actually make you smaller or allow you to take cover from enemy fire. So Unreal Evolution adapted a crouching mod from OldUnreal, fixing up the game so players won’t fall off ledges while crouching, eliminating the lengthy transition, and modifying the level design to support crouching as it should be.

In other words: if you’ve ever played Unreal and enjoyed it, you should give Unreal Evolution a go.

The mod was first shipped in late March, with version 1.1, what the developer is calling the “complete” version of the mod, uploaded on Thursday morning. “This release mostly applies the finishing touches to the game by fixing a crash, fixing dodging issues, and other polishing and balancing, but also includes some new features too such as a dedicated grenade key and manual reloading of the automag,” the developer said.

You can download Unreal Evolution from the listing on ModDB.


  • Really wish Unreal and UT could have got similar treatment to the Shadow Warrior or Doom reboots… sadly I have little faith in Epic nowadays considering how they handled the last iteration of the franchise.

    • you mean ditching it in june 2017 due to fortnite? yeah that hurt. especially since fortnite, whilst still extremely popular no longer needs all hands on deck in terms of sparing the small number of people that were working on UT.

      • especially since the whole point of this UT was to make the community create most of the content anyway – would have helped if Epic got it past the stage of “half-baked successor to UT3” though… I miss the colourful visual contrasts of 99 and 2k4 even if 3 tightened up the gameplay a bit after the UE2 titles

        • there is a lot of community created content out there. i was making some myself until i lost faith after they ditched it. still perfectly playable as a single player game against bots (which if im being honest is where the majority of my play time in the series went), but id be fearful to look at the server browser.

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