Heck Yes, I Would Play Descent Remade In The Unreal Engine

I’ll never forget playing Descent back when it first came out. More specifically, playing the demo, which I think came with PC Gamer magazine. I played the demo over and over. Eventually I stopped spinning around in place and actually completed the demo mission too.

I would play the heck out of a new Descent game, one with with updated graphics and physics. And while that may not be happening, modder MadMaxBLD is singlehandedly working on making something of a Black Mesa-like Unreal engine remake/mod of the original. Check it out in this prototype video.

Godspeed, Max. [via RPS]


    Oh yeah, I loved Descent back in the day! Would love another game like it. :)

    No thanks.. I'd rather play a new game that is descent like but evolved.. a game such as Miner Wars 2081 for example :)

    Aaaaargh, how awesome! I can't remember if I played the demo, or just went out and bought the game straight away. I loved it...even though I kept spinning in all directions and making myself dizzy. This looks amazing...all though, as nostalgic as having those original enemies is, they could do with a touch up. They appear to float rather than fly.

    Descent is an alltime classic. Am well interested.

    No thank you.

    I started to get motion sickness 10 seconds in to the video.

    What was it about spinning, I remember the same joy at going round in circles.

    Great game...

    ha ha. I remember the first time I showed Descent to friends and family. Made my father throw up and more than a few people queasy. I'd love to play through in hi-res on a big screen and make them sick all over again.

      I kept hearing about people getting motion sickness from it. I never did, but more interestingly my dad never did. He got motion sick from just about any first person shooter (he thinks it's from the head bob) but played through and finished all of the Descent games multiple times.

    just a suggestion.
    go here http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/descent_1_descent_2
    and then go here... http://www.dxx-rebirth.com/

    I am so addicted all over again.
    looks and plays as good as most modern games now.

    I'd pay a buck for a mod that let me turn into the Descent ship during a Deck 13 death match...

    Personally I preferred Forsaken over Decent any day. Even though it was shorter gameplay and graphix were better.

      Yeah Forsaken was an Sleeper Hit - well made just didn't sell... thanks for reminding me, forgot all about that game http://youtu.be/vWb9_5N91OE (best vid I could find). Only ever got to play it on PSone so would be good to check out the PC version, finally.

        Also on that note I'd have to say my favourite of this style of game, was G-Police by Psygnosis http://youtu.be/5_UsSPCKpsM

    They've already released the beta build of a game very similar to Descent called Miner Wars.

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