Call Of Duty: WWII Is One Of June’s PlayStation Plus Games

Call Of Duty: WWII Is One Of June’s PlayStation Plus Games
Screenshot: Activision

If you’ve had a hankering to play the Call of Duty from three years ago, PlayStation Plus has you covered next month.

Although technically one of June’s PS Plus games, Call of Duty: WWII will actually be available to download starting May 26. Maybe it’s a day-after-Memorial-Day thing?

Of course, good luck finding space for it if you’re already playing Modern Warfare which currently takes up close to 200 GB on the hard drive. As always, the game is only “free” if you’re a paid PS Plus subscriber.

Meanwhile, May’s games, Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19, are still available until June 1. Sony said it will announce the rest of June’s PS Plus lineup later this week.


  • I do have a hankering for such a thing!

    Frankly, deeply discounted and years late is the only way I’m now willing to play the Call of Duty campaigns that I’ve always really enjoyed so much.

    The games stay at a premium price point for forever, and that premium is covering the value of the multiplayer – the part I will never engage with. So for me, only interested in the campaign, a near-permanently $90 price trag for a couple hours of zero-replay-value entertainment just isn’t worth it.

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