Memorial Statues Honouring Soldier Voice Actor Rick May Appear In Team Fortress 2

One of the statues in TF2. (Screenshot: Valve, WormsCrazyGolf)

Valve has updated Team Fortress 2 and added memorial statues featuring the Soldier as a tribute to Rick May, who died last month.

May, who voiced the Soldier in Team Fortress 2, passed on Apri 13 away due to complications involving COVID-19 after recovering from a stroke. He was 79 years old. He had voiced the soldier not only in the game but in multiple TF shorts.

The statues in Team Fortress 2 will remain up throughout the month of May in honour of the voice actor. If players approach these statues and stand near them for a bit, they will hear some Solider voice lines.

Rick May voiced other video game characters, including Andross in Star Fox and Dr. M in Sly 3.


    I was a little disappointed when I couldn't see ANY official acknowledgement - Valve's twitter, TF2's twitter, the TF2 site, so it's nice that they've done this.

      As is often the case with the internet, the fact that some random person doesn't personally remember ever seeing something is not evidence that it doesn't exist. See, for example, within 24 hours of his death being announced

        Hah, had no idea that account existed.
        That account has only 6% of the followers that the main TF2 account has, so I imagine a lot of people wouldn't have known about that tweet.

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