Two Publishers Trade A Bunch Of IPs (Including Red Faction) Like They Were Baseball Cards

Two Publishers Trade A Bunch Of IPs (Including Red Faction) Like They Were Baseball Cards

THQ Nordic and Koch Media did something today that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before: they picked up a bunch of intellectual properties they own—including Second Sight and Risen—and just traded them. Like they were athletes, or collectable cards, or Pokemon.

It’s important to note before we start thinking this is too weird that these two companies are related. They’re both part of the same parent company, Embracer Group (itself formerly known as THQ Nordic), and so this isn’t as extreme as, say, Nintendo trading Kirby for Medal of Honour.

But it’s still interesting! The specifics of the trade involve THQ Nordic giving away Painkiller and Red Faction in return for Koch Media’s Sacred, Risen, Rush for Berlin, Second Sight and Singles: Flirt Up Your Life.

That to me reads like Red Faction is worth quite a bit. And that the shuffling of these properties, some of which have laid dormant for quite some time, implies that by moving them around they may be finding a more appropriate home for fresh development (or at least re-releases).


  • Not sure how I feel about Koch having Painkiller & Red Faction, but considering we havent seen much from them for a while, here’s to hoping we get something unique out of it.

    As for all the stuff THQ Nordic got, some interesting properties but mostly trash. lol.

    • I’d be super down for a new Red Faction game. I was disappointed when they scrapped the series after everyone took a massive dump on Armageddon when I actually quite enjoyed it. Kinda how I felt about Mass Effect Andromeda.

  • Two related companies shuffling random assets around is vastly more likely to simply be an exercise in tax avoidance… ahem, sorry, *tax minimisation* … than anything that might involve actually making something.

  • I guess it makes sense to transfer Red Faction over to the subsidiary that owns the series’ developer. Otherwise, this seems like shuffling deck chairs.

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