THQ Lives Again

THQ Lives Again

Like Hannibal Lecter wearing that guard’s face, Nordic Games are planning to publish games under the THQ name and trademark.

This post originally appeared on Kotaku UK.

Helping the company perfect its skinsuit is that it also owns all THQ’s social media channels including Twitter and Facebook. Apparently Nordic feels that THQ is a more recognisable name to publish under. Even its own general manager Klemens Kruezer admits that, telling Polygon, “The challenging fact is nobody has ever heard about Nordic Games before [the THQ auction]. There were so many articles with the headlines ‘Who the fuck is Nordic Games?’ We said, ok they were right.”

Following the auction Kruezer said the company saw “an uplift in the name of Nordic Games,” and that led to a second deal to buy the THQ trademark. As far as actual titles, Nordic had previously snapped up the rights to Darksiders, Red Faction and MX vs ATV, and have updated THQ’s Facebook once so far about the last game. (Via Gamasutra.)

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  • NOOOOO! I thought that THQ would be gone forever!!! How dare they do this to me!!!?

    As long as I never buy a uDraw again…

      • It was a dark moment in my life, I’m trying to forget it but news like this just brings back the painful memories…

        … that, and the fact that I bought every THQ Spongebob Squarepants game when I was little EXCEPT for the only good one!

  • I only know Nordic Games from Painkiller, there’s other but I can’t remember this late at night.

    It’s good to know that the name THQ will be coming back though.

      • Just finished 100%ing DS2 and are doing a final Apocalyptic run of DS1 for the BFA… Going to be very depressed when there’s no more new Darksiders 🙁 Definitely want the third to focus on Fury!

  • I don’t know if I can take this kind of heart break again. If it stays up that would be amazing (especially if it is old THQ all over again), but if it doesn’t that will suck… all the D.

  • I’ll only be happy if they drop that awful logo and go back to the old one. Much nicer looking.

  • Do people really buy games because someone in particular published them? I’ve never bought a game based on who it was published by, I’ve only ever NOT bought games based on thier publisher.

        • I would actually argue that there are people who always buy Bethesda games. Their reputation for games is reaching that of Nintendo!

      • So true! If they didn’t have that “Nintendo seal of quality”, I wouldn’t have purchased Tomodachi Life, Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, Kirby Triple Deluxe and Mario Kart 8 within the past few weeks!

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