Everything We Just Learned About Cyberpunk 2077 And Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Everything We Just Learned About Cyberpunk 2077 And Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

After delaying the game twice, CD Projekt Red finally revealed more details about their grand cyberpunk RPG. In a 25 minute stream, the studio showcased a new gameplay mechanic called braindances, driving in the outback, hand-to-hand combat, and more.

The new trailer featured gameplay exclusively from the game’s prologue, which is the first several hours. It’s the same section of gameplay accessible to media in hands-on previews, which are set to be revealed later this evening.

In the new footage, CD Projekt Red revealed a seventh district, the Badlands. It’s a outback, desert area inhabited by the Nomads and one that exists outside of the Night City walls.

CDR also announced a standalone spin-off anime with Netflix, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. The anime will be released in 2022.

cyberpunk 2077 edgerunners

The anime is being produced by Studio Trigger, the same studio behind Little Witch Academia and the creators of the opening intros for Shantae and the Seven Sirens and Indivisible.

After that, CD Projekt Red revealed braindances, a gameplay mechanic where the player could relive the memories of certain characters. Introduced by a character called Judy, braindances are basically a recording from a character that other people in Night City can relive, Matrix-style.

cyberpunk 2077 braindance

While you’re reliving the experience of a single character, you’re not limited to their point of view. Braindances also can be viewed through different “layers” or cameras, letting the player filter out certain objects or sounds.

cyberpunk 2077 braindance

cyberpunk 2077 braindance

The sequence is an investigative element, where players have to unpack the sequence and scan different objects. The braindance shown above is what’s called a “flatliner”, an illicit braindance popular on the Night City black market for those looking for the thrill of experiencing someone dying.

Mechanically, the braindances form a critical part of Cyberpunk 2077‘s storytelling. “It’s not a collectible … what we use braindance for is to give you a keyhole into the life of the residents of Night City – we can explore things like trauma, religion,” a CD Projekt Red developer said.

CD Projekt Red finished the stream by announcing that more gameplay info would be revealed in another stream “in a few weeks”, adding that gameplay previews were set to go live shortly.

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