There’s A Banging Roguelite That Not Enough People Are Talking About

There’s more video games now than ever, and it’s increasingly difficult to cover or even get across everything that’s out. So sometimes, a game pops up out of nowhere and turns out to be really, really cool without anyone talking about it.

That’s Gunfire Reborn right now.

It’s a roguelike co-op FPS, and the first FPS game, from Hong Kong studio Duoyi Interactive Entertainment. Most of their previous work has been in the mobile market, so it’s kind of cool to see a new developer completely break out of their comfort zone with something that has really landed.

Gunfire Reborn launched in early access a few weeks ago, and it’s sitting at a banging 95% user rating from just under 2,500 reviews. The gameplay is a blend of arena-style combat, Borderlands-esque weapon drops, and a roguelite-style progression system that gives you new weapons and scrolls or artifacts with more kills.

Every time you die, you’ll be able to invest in new talents, opening up new build trees. That’s backed with a super-stylised art style.

Also, you’re playing as cats. Forgot to mention that part.

It’s a game that’s been on my radar for a while, but simply haven’t had the time to check out. So that’s what Leah and I will be using the stream for today, spending an hour or two working through the Hong Kong-borne adventure in co-op.

We’ll be kicking off the stream from 2:00pm AEST, running for between 90 minutes to 2 hours. We’re going a little longer today because we’re also in the midst of upgrading the site, and our devs have politely asked that I bugger off so they can sort that out. Also, it’s Friday and we’ve all been going since 5 in the morning.

You can check out the livestream below.

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